Freshman LEAD & Task Force Freshmen

Freshmen LEAD offers leadership development, community service, and networking opportunities to first-year students at the University of Louisville.  Participants are introduced to leadership skills that expand their social networks and broaden their horizons through meeting a dynamic group of friends, which promotes a sense of community and encourages students to build upon their leadership potential.

Task Force Freshmen (TFF) is a similar leadership program, but with a focus on preparing students for leadership roles in student government. Participants in TFF will benefit from a mentoring experience which will allow them the opportunity to work alongside students in the highest leadership positions on campus. TFF includes leadership seminars, networking opportunities, and hands-on experience working with officers in the Student Government Association, Student Activities Board, and Engage Lead Serve Board.

Participants in both programs will meet bi-weekly over the course of the academic year and will be required to attend special events, such as fall and spring retreats. A detailed list of requirements for both programs is available on online application.

Selection for LEAD and TFF is competitive and interviews will be granted based on the following criteria:

  • Content of completed application
  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest
  • Perceived interest in the program
  • Ability to complete the program requirements (schedule, assignments, service, etc.)
  • Deadline to apply: Wed., Sept. 3rd at 5:00 PM. Click here for an online application.