A Leader's Legacy

Experience Leadership

Workshop Series – How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

The purpose of A Leader's Legacy is to offer leadership workshops on various topics for all students interested in enhancing their leadership skills and competencies.

Inspired by the leadership authors, Kouzes and Posner’s book of the same title, A Leader's Legacy offers students the option to choose one or more sessions that fit their developmental needs and schedule best.  Five separate workshops will be offered multiple times throughout the semester.  Students register in advance through orgsync.com.  Workshops are free of charge.

How do I earn the certificate for A Leader’s Legacy Workshop Series?

Any student interested in completing the entire Legacy program to earn certification is required to attend the Orientation sessions.  If a student chooses to complete the entire program, she/he will be recognized at the Spring Celebration of Student Leadership and Service and will automatically be honored as a Profile in Leadership.  For more information, go here.


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How much time will I need to commit?

The workshops are scheduled for 45 minutes to give you time to get to and from class; each session will start at five minutes after and end 10 minutes before the hour.

What are the benefits to me to participate in this program? 

  • Enhancing leadership skills and improve the sustainability of your organization
  • Aid your organization through the multitude of resources available on campus

Is there anything I need to do in advance of the workshop? 

In most cases you just need to show up prepared to learn and grow.  However, for the Strengths session you should take the Strengths Finder 2.0 if you have not already.  Codes can be purchased for $10 through the Office of Student Involvement.

 Please register for each event on OrgSync.

SCHEDULE (tentative and subject to change)

Orientation sessions   this session is only required if you intend to complete the certifiicate

October 17           5:00pm
October 18           5:00pm
October 19           Noon
October 20           7:00pm

Presenters:  Ms. Pam Nessle Curtis, Director, Student Leadership and Service and Ms. Brittany Barnes, Assistant for Leadership Programs, Office of Student Involvement

Who Cares Anyway?  Learning Your Leadership Values Workshop        

September 26      5:00pm
October 11           Noon
November 15       5:00pm

Presenter:  Mr. Jose Lopez, UofL Career Development Center

 I Got the Power StrengthsQuest Workshop    

September 27      5:30pm
October 13           7:00pm
November 16       Noon

Presenter:  Mr. Zach Smith, Assistant for Service Programs, Office of Student Involvement

Hell No We Won't Go!  Leadership for Social Change Workshop        

September 28      Noon
October 24           5:00pm
November 17       7:00pm

Presenter: Mr. Dominique McShan, UofL Cultural Center

Leading (and singing) Like Ella:  Finding Your Voice as a Leader Workshop       

October 10      5:00pm
October 26      Noon
October 27      7:00pm

Presenter:  Mr. Antron Mahoney, Doctoral Candidate, Pan African Studies

 OrgSync Topics Workshop        Tuesdays at Noon (September 20 – November 29)

 Presenters:  Ms. Julie Onnembo, Mr. Joe Nelson, Ms. Lauren Lewis

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