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2017 Homecoming Information Document

Homecoming King & Queen Information

The Homecoming King and Queen competition is a standing tradition at the University of Louisville. It is open to all upperclassman students to showcase the best and the brightest at the University of Louisville.  Special consideration will be given to those graduating in December 2017 and May 2018.

Candidate Qualifications

  • All candidates must currently be enrolled at the University of Louisville and be in good academic standing.
  • All candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 and a minimum of 60 credit hours.
  • Candidates must be sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization (RSO), university department, or approved university organization. Each sponsoring organization may represent no more than one (1) King and one (1) Queen candidate. The candidates do not have to be a member of the sponsoring organization.
  • Residence halls and affiliate housing at the University of Louisville may sponsor one (1) King and one (1) Queen candidate per hall/property.
  • All candidates and sponsoring organizations must be in good standing with the University of Louisville.
  • All candidates and sponsoring organizations are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for the application process, entry fee, pre-determined requirements, transportation, ETC.
  • All candidates are required to attend the Homecoming Lip-Sync Battle (Top Ten Reveal) on September 21, the Homecoming Ball (Top Five Court Reveal) on September 30, and the University Homecoming football game on October14.This is mandatory for qualification and exceptions will only be made for people with written documentation, of a valid reason to miss as determined by Spirit & Traditions committee leadership. Approval of absence may be requested by emailing Spirit & Traditions at no later than one week prior to the event. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made for Game Day.

Entry Fee

A non-refundable check (cash will not be accepted) of thirty United States Dollars ($30.00) must accompany the application or be turned in to the SAC W310 no later than the application deadline September 11; including inter-university money transfers. All checks must be payable to the University of Louisville. All checks must be written from the sponsoring organization. There are no discounts for multiple applications. Applications without proper entry fee will not be considered.

Selection Process

  • All candidates must present themselves for a ten minute interview on their respective dates (September 14 or 15) beginning at 3pm in SAC W310. Interviews will be held by a selected panel of judges made up of University of Louisville faculty, staff, alumni and community members.
  • Interview points will be assigned based on five factors: Leadership and Extracurricular Activities, Academics, Community Engagement, Poise and Appearance, and School Spirit.
  • All candidates are required to attend the Top Ten Reveal on September 21, the Top Five Court Reveal on September 30 and the Homecoming Game on October 14. More details will be sent via email after applications are submitted. Exceptions will only be granted as deemed fit by the appropriate Spirit and Traditions committee leadership. All requests for absence approval may be submitted via email to Spirit & Traditions at  no later than 7 days prior to the event.

Election Dates

Election will be held online through ULink on September 21- September 28

Voting Instructions

Students may log on to their ULink account and find the ballot under the Student Services tab. Each student may vote for up to 3 king and 3 queen candidates. Any questions concerning voting may be directed to the Help Desk at (502) 852-7997.

Campaign Rules

**Read all rules carefully. Lack of understanding of the rules will not be a valid excuse for violation. Any questions may be directed to Bayley Amburgey via email at**

  1. Campaigning will not be allowed prior to September 21 at 12pm. Campaigning will end on September 28.
  2. All posted campaign material must follow all University of Louisville policies. In addition, authorities in the building you wish to post must approve all campaigning material.
  3. Displaying of campaign flyers and or poster on campus is permitted only on approved bulletin boards. The posted material cannot exceed eleven inches by seventeen inches (11’’ X 17’’). Each candidate can only be represented once on each bulletin board. Candidates are not guaranteed space on bulletin boards. Displacing, altering or removing another candidate’s flyer(s) is strictly prohibited.
  4. Campaigning inside university buildings is limited to properly posted material, speaking engagements, and campaigning that does not disrupt university activity.
  5. Campaigning is prohibited in any computer lab during the designated voting dates, unless authorized by the SAB Spirit and Traditions committee leadership.
  6. All campaigning in residence halls must be approved by University of Louisville Housing, Housing and Residence Life, or affiliate housing respectively.
  7. The use of stacked signs by any candidate or sponsoring organization is prohibited.
  8. No campaign material may be taped to the ground
  9. Chalking is permissible during the campaigning period. All chalking must adhere to the regulations as outlined in the University of Louisville Recognized Student Organization Manual.
  10. Electronic campaigning through means on social media is permitted (e.g. facebook, twitter, Instagram ETC)
  11. Electronic campaigning through means of mass email is strongly prohibited and may result in disqualification
  12. Personal computers and laptops may not be set up as a polling station by any individual or sponsoring organization during the election, unless approved by the SAB Spirit and Traditions committee leadership.

Rule Violations

All grievances for campaign violations must be submitted to Spirit & Traditions via email at within twenty-four (24) hours of the violation. The grievance must include the following: Your name, phone number, name of the violator, time and date of the violation, and detailed description of the violation. Strong physical evidence is highly recommended when filing a grievance. Decisions concerning violations will be made by the SAB Spirit and Traditions committee leadership.

Any violation of the rules may result in docked number of points or disqualification from the 2017 homecoming court. All decisions will be made by the SAB Sprit and Traditions committee leadership and will be final.



Homecoming King and Queen Important Dates

* Monday, September 11: King and Queen Applications along with RSO rosters must be submitted to the front desk of the student involvement office (W310) no later than 5:00 pm. 

*Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15: King and Queen Interviews

*Thursday, September 21: Lip-Sync Battle Middleton Auditorium, Strickler Hall 101: 7-10pm. Homecoming King and Queen Top 10 will be announced at SAB Lip-Sync Battle event.

September 21- 28: Voting is Live

Monday, September 25: ‘Pop’ In & Vote Red Barn: 11:30-2:00

Thursday, September 28: Voting for King and Queen on ULink closes.

*Saturday, September 30: Crowns & Gowns: A Red Tie Affair Speed Art Museum: 7-10pm Homecoming court will be announced at Crowns & Gowns Homecoming Ball.

Tuesday, October 3: 90’s Trivia Night The Red Barn: 5-7pm

Wednesday, October 4: HSC Cookout HSC Quad: 11:30am-1pm

Thursday, October 5: Skating into Homecoming Week Red Barn Plaza: 12-2pm

Wednesday, October 11: Wear Red to be Fed The Red Barn: 11:30 am - 1 pm

Friday, October 13: NPHC Step Show The Louisville Palace: 7pm-??

Friday, October 13: Homecoming Parade INFORMATION

*Saturday, October 14: GAME DAY (University of Louisville vs. Boston College) Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium: Time TBA

Events with an * are mandatory for all Homecoming Candidates to attend.  Exceptions will only be granted as deemed fit by the appropriate Spirit and Traditions committee leadership. All requests for absence approval may be submitted via email Spirit & Traditions at  no later than 7 days prior to the event.  All other Homecoming events listed are for the candidates to attend if they so choose. 



Spirit Competition Participation Guidelines

The SAB spirit competition will be divided into two tiers: The Greek tier (Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council, and Interfraternity Council) and the non-Greek RSO tier. The winner of each tier will win a pizza or ice-cream party for their organization.

Participation Guidelines

  • All organizations participating must be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) or an approved university organization.
  • All organizations will be required to submit the Homecoming application stating their willingness to participate in Homecoming 2017 no later than September 11 at 5pm. (The application is available through the SAB OrgSync site under “forms.”)
  • Each organization must be in good standing with the University of Louisville as stated in the Recognized Student Organization manual.
  • Each organization must submit and updated roster (listing all current members) to the Orgsync Spirit Competition Registration Form.
  • In order to receive attendance points, each person must sign him/herself in. No member will be allowed to sign in other attendees for their organization. Any organization found in violation of these guidelines will not receive any attendance points for homecoming events.
  • Points will be tallied at the conclusion of all homecoming events.


If there are any questions concerning the rules and regulations of homecoming 2017, please contact Spirit & Traditions, at Failure to read and understand all of the rules will not be an excuse for the penalties resulting from violations of these rules and regulations.

Overall Point and Tier System

The overall Homecoming Spirit Competition will be judged on the enthusiasm and support that is displayed by those participating in the Homecoming events.

There are five events that offer points for attendance. Organizations will receive points based on the percentage of members in attendance at said events. Percentages will be translated into points. For example, if 20% of an organization’s registered members attend the events mentioned, then that organization will receive 20 out of the 100 available points.

Attendance Events

  • Crowns & Gowns: A Red Tie Affair
  • Wear Red to be Fed
  • Trivia Night
  • HSC Cookout
  • Roller Skating

** Your organization will only receive points for the members that sign in.