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S.H.A.R.E. Program History

The Staff Help Assistance Relief Effort (S.H.A.R.E.) program history.

In 1991 UofL was faced with the first State budget cuts, it was feared many staff positions would be lost due to RIF's (Reduction in Force).  Jenny Madden who was the Chair of Staff Senate decided to start a program called "Cardinal Santa".  This program originally assisted staff during the Christmas Holiday.  Jenny went around campus wearing a Santa hat receiving donations and adopting out families to different departments on campus.  There were approximately 35 families per year who received assistance through Cardinal Santa.

 In 1996-97 the program was expanded to not only offer assistance during the holiday season but throughout the year.  The new SHARE Program (Staff Help Assistance Relief Effort) was therefore established to assist staff that were classified in no-pay status and could meet all the qualifications for the program.  SHARE offered assistance with such items as rent, LG&E, groceries, prescriptions, health insurance premiums and medical bills.

 During the Christmas holiday of 2002 the SHARE program sent approximately 30 care packages to soldiers serving in Iraq.  All the soldiers were one of the following; a staff member, spouse of a staff member or child of a staff member.  Some items sent were hand sanitizer, soap, chewing gum, candy, toiletry items and some UofL Cardinal spirit items.

 Last year the SHARE program was unable to assist staff requesting financial assistance. There were several families faced with obstacles but through the generosity of many staff members that donated can goods and Kroger gift cards there were 13 families who received a holiday food basket and a $25.00 Kroger gift card. 

 Of the 13 families we had 4 families with children.  As a result of the overwhelming efforts of 4 departments that adopted these families, 15 children had a wonderful holiday.

 The SHARE program continues to exist ONLY by donations of staff.   Since 1991 there have been hundreds of staff assisted.


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