PTO (Police Training Officer)Train the Trainer Course

80 hour Training Course / 8.0 CEUs / Tuition: $1195.00 / KLEC Approved

Course Description

This training has been approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (KLEC). Participants will learn principles of problem-based learning and how to apply them in the police training environment in order to instruct/train others to become competent and successful Police Training Officers (PTO’s). Upon completion, the participant will have an in-depth understanding of the principles necessary to increase a learner’s ability to succeed as a Police Training Officer in the field.  They shall be introduced to all aspects of the PTO model of post-academy training. They should have a thorough understanding of how each component of the program is interconnected and how this interconnectivity facilitates good police practice and community support.

Topics covered include:

  • The role of rubrics in the learning and evaluation process
  • The application of Bloom’s Taxonomy to the development of objectives and rubrics
  • The role of emotional intelligence in the learning environment
  • The facilitation of a self-directed learning environment


  • To produce graduates who are able to effectively develop and utilize rubrics and apply these principles to the learning and evaluation process
  • To apply Bloom’s Taxonomy and develop objectives and rubrics and increase the level of learning for their students
  • To understand how emotional intelligence plays a role in the learning environment and how they, as an instructor, can impact this in a positive manner for their students
  • To develop the ability as an instructor to facilitate a self-directed learning environment for their students

Upcoming Training and Lodging

If this course is not currently scheduled, it can be brought to your region by a co-hosting agency or through a contract. Contact Barry Madden for more details:


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