PTO (Police Training Officer) Basic Course

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved

Course Description

This course prepares participants to become post-academy field trainers.  The PTO Model is specifically designed for agencies engaged in the community-policing and problem solving service delivery method. Participants will learn how to use problem-based learning and other adult learning strategies to coach and mentor recent academy graduates through field training phases of the PTO program. Topics will include problem based learning; coaching and training reports; emotional and multiple intelligence; the Learning Matrix; Learning Activity Packets (LAPs); the Neighborhood Portfolio Exercise (NPE); and other components of the PTO program.

Topics covered include:

  • Learning Journals
  • Problem based learning
  • Introduction to the PTO Training Program
  • Introduction of Problem Based Learning Exercise
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Introduction to the Learning Matrix
  • Building the Learning Matrix
  • Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Training Reports (CTRs)
  • Learning Activity Packages (LAPS)
  • Neighborhood Portfolio Exercise


  • To produce graduates of the training program who are capable of providing responsible, community-focused police services
  • To design fair and consistent evaluations that address a trainee’s skills, knowledge, application, and ability to effectively provide policing services to their communities
  • To develop and enhance the trainee’s learning from the academy within the community environment through a series of real-life problem solving activities
  • To formulate learning opportunities for new officers that meet or exceed the training needs of both the community and the policing agency
  • To prepare trainees to use a problem-solving approach throughout their careers by employing problem-based learning training
  • To promote the practice of using community members as partners in problem solving

Upcoming Training and Lodging

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