Proactive Leadership: Budgeting & Survival Strategies

16 Hour Training Course / KLEC Approved for 2.0 CEUs
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Course Description:

This course of study will prepare participants to meet any stringent budget cuts they already face and to pre-empt future cuts in a way that can minimize or offset any staff losses and provide alternative methods of saving money. Participants will be provided with materials that will enable them to be proactive and not merely responsive to impending budget reductions. They will review their existing resources and demands for services and be capable of taking expedient measures to reduce expenditure in those areas that are staff and resource intensive in a law enforcement agency.

A variety of techniques will be covered that will encourage participants to identify wasted resources and where there is a loss of either value or staff. The focus will challenge participants and facilitate problem-solving concerning tasks, roles and services that have hitherto been considered sacrosanct and untouchable. It will encourage a strategic look at the data they have to cost their current activities and make realistic adjustments in accordance with community expectations and to what municipalities and counties can afford to provide.

The effects of the worst examples of unprepared agencies having to handle budget cuts will be addressed with an emphasis on methods of law enforcement activity and workload analysis that link deployment and function to expenditure. Current Federal and State mandates to reduce local government costs will be examined to identify the “real” threats potentially posed to all law enforcement agencies through changes in performance standards being demanded of State and Local governments.

The learning environment and course exercises are interactive, supporting maximum class participation and information sharing. Questions and discussion will be encouraged throughout. Each participant will carefully develop an action plan for his/her agency in advance of any further budget cuts it may be threatened with or respond more effectively in respect to those already mandated.  Participants will be presented with material and instruction designed to facilitate and encourage a positive, developmental, forward thinking role for leading their agencies through stressful economic times that are unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Proactive Review of Existing Resources & Service Demands
  • Untouchable Duties and Roles: Functions We Can Let Go Of
  • Effect on Agencies Unprepared for Budget Cuts
  • Federal, State and Local Government Demands to Change Law Enforcement Performance Standards
  • Costing: What We Do
  • Tasks, Policies, Practices and Units that Limit Effectiveness
  • Data Gathering to Establish "Realistic" Staffing Requirements Based on Objective Criteria
  • Reviewing Alternative Methods of Saving Staff and Responding to Reductions
  • Developing Individual Action Plans

Who Should Attend:

Executive, Senior and Middle Managers with decision-making and budgetary responsibilities for their agency.


Les Poole

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