Proactive Leadership: Budgeting & Survival Strategies

16 Hour Training Course / 2.0 CEUs / Tuition: $395.00 / KLEC Approved

Course Description:

This course is aimed at participants who wish to proactively address existing stringent budget cuts and pre-empt future cuts by examining methods of saving money as an effective alternative to staff losses. Materials will be provided to prepare for impending budget reductions. Participants will review their existing resources and demands for services and be capable of taking expedient measures to reduce expenditure in staff and resource intensive functions in a law enforcement agency.

Participants will be encouraged to identify wasted resources and be challenged to review “sacred cows” of traditional policing generally considered untouchable. They will strategically review the data they currently maintain and be asked to consider` realistic adjustments in accordance with community expectations and to what municipalities and counties can afford without losing their staff.

The extensive effects on agencies unprepared to handle budget cuts will be presented. Activity and workload analysis that link deployment and function to expenditure will be explored and applied. Participants will examine Federal and State mandates that already exist to pressurize State and Local governments to reduce their budgets and present “real” threats to law enforcement agency operations.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

      • Review of existing resources & service demands
        • Which "sacred cows" of traditional policing can be slain
          • Effects of unprepared responses to budget cuts
            • Demands to change law enforcement performance standards & budgeting
              • Costing our activities - methods
                • Matching our resources to demand
                  • Tasks, policies, and units that are not cost effective
                    • Data gathering & analysis to establish "realistic" staffing needs
                      • Proactive review of alternative methods of saving staff and responding to cuts
                        • Prepare individual action plans to address budget cuts

                        Who Should Attend:

                        Executive, Senior and Middle Managers with decision-making and budgetary responsibilities for their agency.


                        Les Poole

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