Managing Within Your Budget - Financially & Operationally

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / Tuition: $695.00 / KLEC Approved

Course Description:

This course introduces two major areas that contribute substantially to managerial success: 1) understanding budgets and financial performance and 2) achieving value for money with a budget linked to operational performance. This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of how organizations can evaluate the achievement of their goals, identify their successes and problems, and respond effectively to them while simultaneously meeting community expectations.

This course will facilitate and foster an understanding of an agency’s performance as perceived by its managers, community, elected officials and the media.  Training will address resource expenditure and evaluate it to ensure that community needs are being met.

Strategic management of funds and controlling expenditures is required to assure the work force is not dissatisfied, short of equipment, improperly developed, or poorly paid. The absence of operational standards and lack of a careful system of operational review is often reflected in wasted manpower and inefficiency. Achieving best value within the budget is critical to maintaining staffing levels. Each participant will be able to assess their patrol staffing requirements (85% of budget) according to a formula that will meet external scrutiny.

The strategies presented during this training support a system of financial and operational accountability for all of a law enforcement organization’s managers.  All participants will leave with an outline model for a performance management system for their agency.  Training is participative and interactive, engaging students through carefully designed individual and group practical exercises focused on reinforcing learning.

Managing Within Your Budget is one of the four courses required to complete the optional Organizational Management Certificate Program.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

    • Understanding budgets and financial performance
    • Understanding law enforcement trends, budgeting, funding resources, and costing services
    • Understanding the fundamentals of financial projections, financial reporting, performance measures, and operational budget management skills
    • Achieving value with a budget linked to operational performance
    • Understanding how organizations can evaluate the achievement of their goals
    • Identifying and responding to successes and problems
    • Understanding  and measuring operational performance
    • Evaluating resource expenditure to ensure community needs are met
    • Staffing your law enforcement agency (with practical exercise)
    • Designing performance measures (with practical exercise)

Who Should Attend:

Executive, Senior & Middle Management Level Personnel and officers seeking upper-level management positions.


Les Poole:

Commander Les Poole retired after 34 years with New Scotland Yard, England, 13 of them in Chief Officer positions. After managing up to 29,000 staff in Operations and Personnel with budgets of over $500m driven by value for money and achieving effective police performance he retired as an independent consultant in the USA. He has taught this type of class for 10 years using his experience in undertaking numerous management and staffing audits across America to assist Sheriffs and Chiefs in assessing organizational effectiveness and appropriate staff levels sufficient to substantiate cases made to their politicians. Shortage of data on which to make genuine staff proposals is endemic and often staff performance and its relationship with litigation costs against agencies are not the focus of police managers. Both are critical in determining outcomes. His experience of a variety of measurement systems concerning operational performance provides alternatives to the adoption of one style of measurement to meet internal and community needs.

Alex Alfonso:

Alex Alfonso has received excellent feedback from SPI’s AOC, where he conducts a 2-day Budget Mini-Course and in the Command Officer Development Course (CODC) where he teaches a 4-day Budgeting session.  His practical, hands-on, “real-world” approach to the budget process, including budget reductions, and budget justifications make this course a must for law enforcement managers and leaders.  Lt. Alfonso is a graduate of SPI’s 60th CODC.

Upcoming Training and Lodging:

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