Managing Within Your Budget - Financially & Operationally

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved
$695.00 If paid by cash/check / $725.00 If paid by Visa/MC/Discover

Course Description:

This course introduces two major areas that contribute substantially to managerial success: 1) understanding budgets and financial performance and 2) achieving value for money with a budget linked to operational performance. This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of how organizations can evaluate the achievement of their goals, identify their successes and problems, and respond effectively to them while simultaneously meeting community expectations.

This course will facilitate and foster an understanding of an agency’s performance as perceived by its managers, community, elected officials and the media.  Training will address resource expenditure and evaluate it to ensure that community needs are being met.

Strategic management of funds and controlling expenditures is required to assure the work force is not dissatisfied, short of equipment, improperly developed, or poorly paid. The absence of operational standards and lack of a careful system of operational review is often reflected in wasted manpower and inefficiency. Achieving best value within the budget is critical to maintaining staffing levels. Each participant will be able to assess their patrol staffing requirements (85% of budget) according to a formula that will meet external scrutiny.

The strategies presented during this training support a system of financial and operational accountability for all of a law enforcement organization’s managers.  All participants will leave with an outline model for a performance management system for their agency.  Training is participative and interactive, engaging students through carefully designed individual and group practical exercises focused on reinforcing learning.

Managing Within Your Budget is one of the four courses required to complete the optional Organizational Management Certificate Program.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Understanding budgets and financial performance
  • Understanding law enforcement trends, budgeting, funding resources, and costing services
  • Understanding the fundamentals of financial projections, financial reporting, performance measures, and operational budget management skills
  • Achieving value with a budget linked to operational performance
  • Understanding how organizations can evaluate the achievement of their goals
  • Identifying and responding to successes and problems
  • Understanding  and measuring operational performance
  • Evaluating resource expenditure to ensure community needs are met
  • Staffing your law enforcement agency (with practical exercise)
  • Designing performance measures (with practical exercise)

Who Should Attend:

Executive, Senior & Middle Management Level Personnel and officers seeking upper-level management positions.


Jason Brown

Alex Alfonso

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What Our Graduates Are Saying:

"Please offer this course more often. It is a much needed portion of all LEO in this country. Well done!"

"Excellent course. Will recommend it. Great instructors."

"This course exceeded my expectations. SPI continues to provide advanced and challenging courses that prepare future police leaders to solve the complex issues they face. I look forward to completing the other 3 courses of the certificate program."

"I enjoyed the variety of topics that were tied back in to budgeting. I have had budget development classes in the past that did not include the managing the budget and justification portions of this class. Very good class for someone looking to be better versed in what a budget is for rather than just the numbers."

"The course was extremely beneficial to me as a chief of police. I was expecting education related to the numbers, but the information as how to manage within my budget was extremely beneficial as well. I will make changes to many of my practices based on lessons learned from this course."

"This course has identified areas within my agency that are in need of change and/or updating."

"This course was more than I anticipated. Very challenging and in depth. I believe the cost of the course was well worth the training I received."

"Excellent instructors, infinite knowledge about the topic instructed."

"Wonderful program. I would definitely recommend it to others. The instructors did a phenomenal job. I got answers to questions I had coming into the class and then some."

"This course was very informative. You had great instructors that knew their subject. Not only did I learn a lot, I has a great time and met a host of new friends."

"I found the course to be an eye opener. I didn't realize how much is actually affected from budgeting."