Intelligence Preparation of the Beat

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved
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Course Description:

This course is designed to train patrol officers on the basic foundations of law enforcement intelligence/intelligence-led policing, with a focus on Human Intelligence and Source Development. The course borrows from the U.S. military’s paradigms and experience over the past 10 years conducting counterinsurgency and peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the basic precepts found in the law enforcement paradigms of Community-Oriented Policing, Problem-Solving Policing, and Intelligence-Led Policing. The literature on the three law enforcement paradigms suggest there are multiple issues and barriers that prevent the adoption of these law enforcement methods and techniques: lack of training of patrol officers on intelligence; organizational resistance to change from traditional policing methods; poor relationships between crime analysts and sworn officers, and the existence of “information silos” that prevent sharing of information across departments and agencies.

While most literature suggests that changing police methods and tactics should begin from the top down, with senior management forcing change on a department, this course reverses that view, attempting to change police methods and tactics from the bottom up. This “grass roots” approach seeks to overcome police organizational and cultural resistance to change by using a blended learning method of instruction. Participants are presented with lecture and practical exercises, then tasked to conduct exercises based on the training “in the field,” and “on their beat.”  Each field exercise is conducted by teams, with a critical review of their effort at the beginning of the next training day. After the review, participants are presented with additional training that reinforces the previous day’s training and adds to their newly acquired skills. At the conclusion of the training, participants, working in teams, develop and deliver a 15-20 minute Intelligence Preparation of the Beat briefing to a senior member of a law enforcement agency. The briefing will include an analysis of the different types and scope of crimes and criminal behavior in their beat, to include locations, frequency, temporal analysis, and indicators of crimes and criminal behavior; identification of potential human sources of information that can give police department analysts, managers, and commanders accurate information leading to actionable intelligence; and developing the critical relationship between analysts and intelligence consumers.

The course is tailored to the needs of each law enforcement agency or police department. Prior to the course, the instructor will contact an agency or department senior training instructor to conduct a specific training needs assessment based on the agency or department’s mission, size, location, crime analysis capabilities, and other factors that are unique to that agency.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • The role and function of the law enforcement officer information gathering and criminal intelligence development
  • Overview of Intelligence in law enforcement
  • Introduction to Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operations
  • Conducting initial assessments of the beat
  • Familiarization with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a tool to communicate with and influence sources of information on the beat
  • Techniques of Human Intelligence
  • Identifying potential beat sources of information
  • Developing trust and rapport with sources and detecting deception
  • Developing engagement plans with sources
  • Legal status of sources and privacy rights
  • Principles and methodologies of targeting
  • Developing and maintaining target folders
  • Human Intelligence tools: Link Analysis Charts, Time and Pattern Wheel Analysis, Association Matrices, Crime Maps
  • Developing and delivering beat intelligence briefings

    Who Should Attend:

    Patrol officers, detectives and personnel interested in and responsible for human intelligence and source development.


    Jon Glassford

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    What Our Graduates Are Saying:

    "This course broadened my horizons and showed me useful tools that will make me a more effective investigator."

    "..I now have a better understanding and appreciation for gathering information. I also have a better idea of how to process the information and develop a course of action to attack the crime."

    "This course is exactly what is needed for today's more educated officers. It includes subject matter than involves tactics, communication skills, planning, psychology, human behavior, technology, etc."

    " This class is very relevant to "intelligence" and all of the current controversies."

    " This course was well thought-out and organized...Intelligence Preparation of the Beat is a large piece of the puzzle that was missing from my police department."

    "... (it) is practical, and at the same time "progressive"."

    "Great course. Especially for agencies going with a Intelligence Led Policing model. Great for newer officers to understand the big picture of how it all fits together."

    " This class is something every law enforcement agency should seek out if they want to keep up with modern-day policing."

    " I believe this course will be very beneficial to my patrol duties and will help me be a more effective officer."

    "...the course refocused what I should be doing on the beat, not in the office."

    " The pace was just right; the professor was engaging; but most importantly, he is highly credible. Very good teaching style. Mr. Glassford is both professional and friendly. This instructor makes SPI look good!"