PTO (Police Training Officer) Implementation Course

16-hour Training Course / KLEC Approved for 1.5 CEUs
$400.00 Discounted rate if paid by cash/check / $420.00 If paid by credit card

Course Description

This course will prepare those who are tasked with implementing and managing a Police Training Officer (PTO) Program to increase their opportunities for success and sustainability of the program. It will introduce the participant to potential supports and barriers to implementation and management of PTO as well as offering examples of how others have been successful in their implementation efforts.

A prerequisite for registering for this course is a basic understanding of the PTO training model and the components of the PTO program.

Topics covered include:

  • Managing the change process
  • Developing support from key personnel inside and outside your agency
  • How to market your program prior to implementation
  • How to select PTO candidates
  • Selection and training of the Board of Evaluators
  • How to maintain a high quality level
  • Supervision of the PTO program
  • Document review and management


    • To provide police agencies and administrators with an overview of the Police Training Officer program
    • To provide police agencies and administrators with information in order to implement the Police Training Officer program in their respective agencies
    • To provide police agencies and administrators who have implemented the Police Training Officer program an opportunity to discuss training issues that are specific to their agencies
    • To allow police agencies and administrators an opportunity to offer suggestions and recommendations in order to provide an on-going evaluation of the Police Training Officer program

    Course Materials and Equipment


    Course materials (i.e., Powerpoint presentations, handouts, articles, etc.) will be provided electronically for this course on a computerized access link provided to registered students prior to the class.   It is highly recommended that students download course materials to a laptop, tablet or other device  prior to the first day of class and bring the device with them to the course.  Otherwise, students should print SPI-provided course materials from the access link and bring printed materials with them to class.

    In order to download course materials from the access link, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel software (Office Suite) should be installed on laptop, tablet or other device.

    Who Should Attend:

    Representatives of agencies who are in the early implementation stages of developing their PTO courses or who need to revamp their programs to bring them back under the standards of the COPS model; new program coordinators and/or managers who will be overseeing well-established PTO programs.

    Upcoming Training and Lodging:

    If this course is not currently scheduled, it can be brought to your region by a co-hosting agency or through a contract. Contact Barry Madden for more details:


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    What Our Graduates Are Saying:

    "This class proved to be very worthwhile on several fronts. The course content was extremely valuable; however, the discussion and open forum with other students was equally as important. This course provided a glimpse into implementing the program and could potentially stand to be longer in duration."

    "There was a great deal of useful information that I can take back to my agency. The time given for open dialogue between agencies was great. I have a better understanding of what will be needed to get the program going."

    "This course was a great way to network with other in a forum that was guided and mediated by an instructor. The climate was fluid and collaborative which helped us learn and debate. Excellent!"

    "I really enjoyed this class. It was very worthwhile and understandable. I came here with questions on how to bring PTO to my agency and am leaving with a strong bag of tools to make this happen."

    "I had no knowledge of the PTO process before attending this course. I now have a better understanding and know what it may take to implement."

    "This course was well organized and on topic. It was beneficial in teaching me how to overcome some of the obstacles for implementing the PTO program."


    "The class was worthwhile and the instructors were very knowledgeable and well prepared."

    "This class was very informative and expanded on the 40 hour PTO class."

    "This course is informative and prepared me to be able to return to my agency and implement a PTO program."

    "Came into the class looking to find out about the PTO program and report back to my command about its viability. The course was a success in that regard. I left with a general understanding of the program and feel like I can give a competent explanation of it to my agency admin."