How to Apply

Application Procedures for Administrative Officers Course

The Southern Police Institute selects mid level officers to attend a 12-week Administrative Officer's Course offered twice a year.  Applications (PDF) should be made on forms which will be forwarded to interested persons on request.  Preference is granted to applicants holding command, supervisory, or administrative positions in their agency. A high school diploma ordinarily will be a prerequisite for acceptance, and applicants must take a placement test which will be administered by the Testing Service of the University of Louisville.  These tests may be given by qualified instructors near the residence of the applicants.

Important Documents and Information

AOC Application Checklist 

AOC Application (PDF)Please check the AOC Dates for the application deadline.

Entrance Exam Form (PDF)

Regulations Governing in Absentia Examinations

Budget Planning (AOC Tuition, Housing, and Fees)


More Information

Requests for information should be sent to SPI or by calling (502)852-6561.

Regulations Governing in Absentia Examinations

The following rules and regulations for conducting in absentia examinations for the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville is published for the information and guidance of persons designated to administer such examinations:

  1. If it is inconvenient for the student to appear at the University of Louisville for examination, the applicant may suggest the name of the some school officer to administer the examination. Such persons may include, for example:
    a. Presidents, Deans, Registrars, and extension Directors of accredited colleges;
    b. County and city Superintendents of schools;
    c. Principals, guidance counselors, and teachers of accredited high schools;
    d. the Educational Officer or someone designated by the Commanding Officer in the case of military personnel.
  2. The University Testing Center upon receipt of a satisfactory nomination will send the examination to the person named.
  3. The examining officer will agree upon the time for such examination.
  4. The University of Louisville will bill the sponsoring agency $40.00 for each examination mailed.
  5. The University of Louisville will pay no part of the cost of conducting the examination. Matters of this kind will be arranged between the student and the examining officer.
  6. The examining officer must conduct the examination in such a manner as to allow no student to receive aid and must make a certificate to the University of Louisville to this effect. An examination report sheet will be enclosed for the examining officer's signature.
  7. The examination booklet, answer sheet, and examination report the examining officer will return sheet to the University Testing Center in the enclosed pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Please return promptly. All test booklets must be accounted for. No examination will be accepted without the booklet, answer sheet, and examination report sheet.
  8. The Southern Police Institute will report all test results to the Chief Administrator of the sponsoring agency.

Important Please Note:

The Examination Information Form naming the applicant's examining officer must be submitted to the Southern Police Institute along with the application. Please click on the appropriate links below for AOC-related forms.

Budget Planning (AOC Tuition, Housing, and Fees)

The list of expense items has been prepared at the request of law enforcement administration to determine the cost of assigning an officer to the Southern Police Institute for the 12-week Administrative Officers Course. All numbers in this table are estimates and subject to change.


Resident Parking*70.00
Application Processing
Total Estimated Cost


*For in-residence students only (parking permit for Yellow Lot behind Bettie Johnson Hall)

In addition to the items listed above, there are transportation expenses to and from the officer's home to the institute.  A one-week recess is scheduled to allow the students time to obtain and to develop information from their agencies which will assist them in completing required projects and achieving these objectives in the institute. It is suggested that the department pay all or part of the travel expenses for this mid-term recess. Meal allowances should be consistent with department practices for average medium-sized city such as Louisville, KY.
Optional cost for use of the University of Louisville'sIntramural and Recreational Sports Student Recreational Centeris $98.00 per semester, payable by the student by cash, check, or credit card to the IRSSRC directly, after arrival on-campus.

These suggested minimum expense items should be considered advisory only and not binding on any agency.

Any agency making an advance payment should make the payment for tuition and housing fees only.