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Public health photo contest winners

On April 9, students, faculty and staff helped select the winners of a public health photo contest as part of National Public Health Week. The images and captions depicted the diversity of perspectives on public health including environmental and social determinants of health. Prizes were awarded to the top three winners:

  • First Place: Anne Doughtie, MD, MPH program
  • Second Place: Camila Aramburu, MPH program
  • Third Place: Trinidad Jackson, MS, MPH, Senior Program Coordinator, Office of Public Health Practice

Thanks to the other photo contest contributors, including these talented and passionate MPH students: Courtney Bloomer, Caroline Foley, Honey Issac, Dustin Mitchell-Scott, Allyson Palmer, RN, and Matt Rhodes, MPH program

All images will be on display on the Lower Level of the SPHIS building beginning April 20.

Photograph by Anne Doughtie, MD, MPH program

Before a child is born, every mother commits to provide the best for her baby, to nurture their baby’s mind and development, to give them the most perfect nutrition available, and to protect them from childhood infections, cancer, and death. So why do so many women choose not to breastfeed?


Photographs by Camila Aramburu, MPH student

Homicides: In 2014, Metro Louisville's homicide rates increased by 14.6%. (Louisville's NPR News Station, WFPL)


Vacant home in Louisville’s Park Hill neighborhood. High crime neighborhoods - branded by vacant homes, drug use, and gang activity - are a public health concern.


Photographs by Trinidad Jackson, MS, MPH, Senior Program Coordinator, Office of Public Health

Protesting for 20/20 Vision

Are YOU a part of the protected class?

Elements that contain, or evoke distorted concepts of an equitable America are disruptions to society’s 20/20 vision for social justice…we CANNOT allow them to move forward. We see headlights, but they’re blinding us…they must be turned off! We see police, but SOME stand united in terroristic behavior…they must be held accountable!

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