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SPHIS Publications (May 2013)

Avonne Connor, PhD, MHP, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, published “Obesity and Risk of Breast Cancer Mortality in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women: The New Mexico Women's Health Study” in the Journal of Women’s Health (March 2013). SPHIS co-authors are Kathy Baumgartner, PhD, Richard Baumgartner, PhD, and Christina Pinkston, MS. View abstract.

K.B. Kulasekera, PhD, Chair and Professor, Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, has recently published:

  • -- "Adaptive penalized quantile regression for high dimensional data" in the Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (June 2013). View article.
  • -- "A semi-local likelihood regression estimator of the proportion based on group testing data" in the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics (March 2013). View article.  
  • -- "Error covariance matrix estimation using ridge estimator" in Statistics & Probability Letters (January 2013). View article.

Kira Taylor, PhD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Population Health, co-authored “Investigation of gene-by-sex interactions for lipid traits in diverse populations from the population architecture using genomics and epidemiology study” in BMC Genetics (May 1, 2013). View article.


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