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Dr. Somnath Datta receives funding from the NIH

Somnath Datta, PhD, Professor, Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, will serve as the PI on the two-year project, "Rank tests for clustered data with potentially informative cluster size: Novel statistical methods for analyzing dental data," which begins in September.

Dr. Datta will develop appropriate rank based tests for clustered data when the cluster size is potentially informative and apply the resulting methods for various marginal comparisons (e.g., average condition of teeth before and after treatment) using existing dental database resources, specifically as obtained from the Piedmont 65 + Dental Study and Iowa Fluoride Study. Informative cluster size arises when the number of units in a cluster is non-constant/random and in correlation with the outcome of interest. The Piedmont 65 + Dental Study examined two largely unstudied older populations, urban whites and urban and rural blacks.  It was led by Dr. Jim Beck of UNC at Chapel Hill who will serve as a co-investigator on this project. The Iowa Fluoride Study is an ongoing study on a cohort of Iowa children that began in 1991, led by Dr. Steven Levy of the University of Iowa, who is also a co-investigator.


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