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Dr. Harris publishes new book, Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs

Muriel Harris, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, recently published Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs. According to publisher Jossey-Bass, the book combines an introduction to public and community health program evaluation with a detailed survey of methods in community assessment, planning, program design, quantitative and qualitative data collection, data analysis, and reporting of findings. Evaluating Public and Community Health Programs presents an approach built on the two primary evaluation frameworks that are most common in public and community health: the Donaldson three-step program theory-driven evaluation model and CDC's six-step Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health. The author emphasizes practical, ongoing evaluation strategies that involve all program stakeholders, not just evaluation experts, and presents a simple and effective standards-based four-step model that will produce rich and useful results. The book's resources (scenarios, worksheets and guidelines) can be used throughout the planning, implementation and evaluation process. In addition, each chapter includes a list of learning objectives, key terms and ideas for review, as well as summaries and discussion questions that can reinforce each chapter's lessons.


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