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Research Areas

 Susan Olson-Allen

  • Public health and the built environment
  • Policy development in public health
  • Program evaluation

 Raymond Austin

  • Health policy - analysis, development and implementation of health policy
  • Health management - the organization, financing and management of health programs and services
  • Development and use electronic health information exchange capabilities

 Robert Esterhay

  • Health information infrastructure for individual health, health care and population health
  • People, organizational and social issues in health
  • Network science applications in health
  • Complex adaptive networks in health
  • Health transaction cost economics
  • Social network analysis
  • Health care policy and management
  • System-oriented inquiry/methodologies including:
    • System dynamics modeling,
    • Agent-based modeling
    • Network analysis.

John Morse

  • Health policy research with a focus on expanding coverage for the uninsured
  • Strengthening the safety net and improving health care access for the uninsured
  • Reimbursement reform and physician practice effectiveness and efficiency, particularly in the application of health informatics

 Rob Steiner

  • Healthy Communities Approach to Improving Quality of Life
  • Methods for Assessing Generic Quality of Life
  • Determining Minimally Important Differences in Quality of Life Measures
  • Clinical Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
  • Sequential Screening for Depressive Symptoms
  • Pay for Performance
  • Complexity and Mindfulness: Convergence of Science and Asian Wisdom Traditions

 Barry Wainscott

  • Communicable disease control
  • Public health management and administration
  • Effectiveness of preventive services on a population basis
    Community collaboration to address complex health issues in diverse communities
  • Use of information technology to increase quality-and to decrease costs-of health programs and services


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