Visit to The Jackson's Farm

James Jackson and his wife Kathy are the owners of Jackson’s Produce, a 40-acre farm in Borden, Indiana. For them farming is not just a job but also a way of life. As a young boy, Mr. Jackson discovered his passion for cultivating the earth through working with his uncle who farmed. More than 40 years later, he is continuing that family tradition.

Whenever they are not at the market, they spend 12-hour days on the farm planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting. With so much to do and little additional help, for them the work is never done.

Because time is so valuable, they have to work smart in addition to working hard. On their property, they have several green houses and hydroponic systems. These technologies allow them to grow more produce efficiently. It also allows them to sell produce like tomatoes and lettuce year round. During our visit to the farm in July, we discussed how farming has changed over his lifetime. Mr. Jackson recalled a time when everyone purchased produce by the bushel for canning and pickling, but he doesn’t have that happen often these days. By selling at farmers markets, the Mr. Jackson can still make a living doing what he loves, despite the change in times.

In addition to the Gray Street Farmers Market, Mr. Jackson participates in two markets on Saturdays: Bardstown Road Farmers Market and St. Matthews Farmers Market. He also sells at the Rainbow Blossom Farmers Market on Sundays.

Image 1 of Jackson's greenhousej

Allstar lettuce mix from Jonny's Selected Seeds, which is formulated for greenhouses.

Image 2 of lettuce in the greenhouse

It takes about three weeks for the lettuce to grow from spouts (see the above photo) to when it is ready to be harvested.

Image 3 of Mr. Jackson and lima beans

Mr. Jackson checking on the crop of Lima beans.

Image 4 of corn growing at The Jackson's farm.

A field of corn growing on The Jackson's Farm.

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