Vendor Application

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please email to request an application form.

The GSFM market rules are available here: Gray Street Farmers' Market Rules

Applications are considered complete when accompanied by (1) Completed application form; (2) Copies of required licenses and certifications; and (3) Signature page from the Gray Street Farmers’ Market Rules.

Applications will be reviewed by the Gray Street Farmers' Market Committee. Submission of an application does not guarantee participation in the Gray Street Farmers’ Market.

Return your completed application to:
Melissa Schreck, Market Manager
School of Public Health and Information Sciences
University of Louisville
485 E. Gray St., Louisville, KY 40202
502-852-3299 (office) 502-852-3291 (fax)

Vendors need to know: What licenses and certifications are required?

Determining which permits/licenses are applicable is dependent on what the individual producer is going to sell. Information about permits along with staff contact information is available on the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's website and the 2012 - 2013 Kentucky Farmers' Market Manual. < >

You can read about Specific Product Requirements beginning on Page 57 of the following

Here are a few highlights:

- Fruits and vegetables (whole, fresh, uncut): With the exception of sprouts, whole, fresh uncut fruits and vegetables may be marketed without the vendor having to obtain a permit or pay any fees. Vendors marketing these items exclusively are not routinely inspected, but may be investigated upon complaint under the Kentucky Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

- Eggs: If you sell more than 60 dozen eggs, then you must purchase a retail license.

- Meat: Licensing depends on the type and amount of meat produced/sold.

- Honey: If a beekeeper sells more than 150 gallons or more of honey per year, it must be processed in an inspected and permitted food processing facility. See Page 62:

- Information on serving samples:

- Chapter on home-based processor:

- Cooking or Preparing Ready to Eat Meals: This chapter has information on the Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit and the Farmers' Market Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit.  See Page 50:

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