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Linda J Goldsmith, PhD


ljgold01 Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Role: Faculty
Title: Asst Professor (Term)
Office No: 138
Address: 485 E. Gray St
Phone: 502/852-8780
Fax: 502/852-3294


B.A., Mathematics, Washington University
M.S., Mathematics and Statistics, Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics, Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests

Clinical Trials
Information Theory

Teaching Activities

Design of Clinical Trials
Biostatistical Methods I and II
CE American Statistical Association

Current Projects

Development of Web-Based Statistics Course
Computer-Assisted Cognitive Therapy Clinial Trial
Melanoma Phase II Clinical Trial


Faculty Senate
Faculty Recruitment Committees
Student Admissions Committees

Honors and Awards

Best Paper, Southern Medical Association, 12th Annual Regional Burn Seminar, 1999.

National Award for Excellence in Research, Science Section, Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, 1999.

National Award for Excellence in Research, Society for Perinatal Obstetricians, 1998.

Best Paper, Meeting of North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 1998.

Way-to-Go Awards, Information Technology, 1993, 1994

Star Team Award, Information Technology, 1994.

Dean's Letter of Commendation, Case Western Reserve University, 1976,1977

Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Honorary, 1968

Phi Beta Kappa, 1968

National Merit Scholar, 1964


Journal Articles
(20 publication(s) displayed.)
"Serum sialic acid, a reputed cardiovascular risk factor, is related to serum leptin concentrations in Fijians"
Crook MAM. Clinica Chimica Acta; 331(2-Jan): 5-Jan
Publication Date: 2003 May

"JID: Your Smorgasbord"
Goldsmith L. Journal of Investigative Dermatology; 120(1): 1
Publication Date: 2003 Jan

"Clinical use of the respiratory quotient obtained from indirect calorimetry"
McClave SA,Lowen CC,Kleber MJ,McConnell JW,Jung LY,Goldsmith LJ. Jpen: Journal of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition; 27(1): 21-26
Publication Date: 2003 Jan

"Switching from depot antipsychotic drugs to olanzapine in patients with chronic schizophrenia"
Godleski LS,Goldsmith LJ,Vieweg WV,Zettwoch NC,Stikovac DM,Lewis SJ. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry; 64(2): 119-122
Publication Date: 2003 Feb

"Serum sialic acid, a possible cardiovascular risk factor is not increased in Fijian Melanesians with impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose"
Crook MAG. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry; 39(Pt 6): 606-608
Publication Date: 2002 Nov

"Parkinson's disease and apolipoprotein E: possible association with dementia but not age at onset"
Parsian A,Racette B,Goldsmith LJ,Perlmutter JS. Genomics; 79(3): 458-461
Publication Date: 2002 Mar

"Vascular inflammation (vasculitis) in sweet syndrome: a clinicopathologic study of 28 biopsy specimens from 21 patients.[comment]"
Malone JC,Slone SP,Wills-Frank LA,Fearneyhough PK,Lear SC,Goldsmith LJ,Hood AF,Callen JP. Archives of Dermatology; 138(3): 345-349
Publication Date: 2002 Mar

"The pattern of change in the lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio in patients with preterm premature rupture of membranes between 24 and 34 weeks' gestation"
How HY,Cook CR,Cook VD,Ralston KK,Greenwell ER,Goldsmith LJ,Spinnato JA. Journal of Perinatology; 22(1): 21-25
Publication Date: 2002 Jan

"Clinical snippets"
Goldsmith L. Journal of Investigative Dermatology; 119(6): 1215
Publication Date: 2002 Dec

"Editor's Report for 2001"
Goldsmith L. Journal of Investigative Dermatology; 119(6): 1469-1470
Publication Date: 2002 Dec

"Development and initial testing of a multimedia program for computer-assisted cognitive therapy"
Wright JH,Wright AS,Salmon P,Beck AT,Kuykendall J,Goldsmith LJ,Zickel MB. American Journal of Psychotherapy; 56(1): 76-86
Publication Date: 2002

"Putting language back in the body: speech and gesture on three time frames. [Review] [132 refs]"
Kelly SD,Iverson JM,Terranova J,Niego J,Hopkins M,Goldsmith L. Developmental Neuropsychology; 22(1): 323-349
Publication Date: 2002

"Power and sample size considerations in molecular biology. [Review] [42 refs]"
Goldsmith LJ. Methods in Molecular Biology; 184(): 111-130
Publication Date: 2002

"Nonspecific human IgG reduces survival in neonatal rats infected with Escherichia coli"
Cole CW,Feldhoff RC,Goldsmith LJ,Jung E,Wilson RA,Lassiter HA. American Journal of the Medical Sciences; 322(3): 141-144
Publication Date: 2001 Sep

"Thyroid function in neonates with severe respiratory failure on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation"
Stewart DLS. Perfusion; 16(6): 469-475
Publication Date: 2001 Nov

"Predictable multiple site root coverage using an acellular dermal matrix allograft"
Henderson RD,Greenwell H,Drisko C,Regennitter FJ,Lamb JW,Mehlbauer MJ,Goldsmith LJ,Rebitski G. Journal of Periodontology; 72(5): 571-582
Publication Date: 2001 May

"Effect of adhesive retention of maxillofacial prostheses. Part 2: Time and reapplication effects"
Kiat-Amnuay S,Gettleman L,Khan Z,Goldsmith LJ. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry; 85(5): 438-441
Publication Date: 2001 May

"Effects of providing and withholding postfitting fine-tuning adjustments on outcome measures in novice hearing aid users: a pilot study"
Cunningham DR,Williams KJ,Goldsmith LJ. American Journal of Audiology; 10(1): 13-23
Publication Date: 2001 Jun

"Clinical relevance of urokinase-type plasminogen activator, its receptor, and its inhibitor type 1 in endometrial cancer"
Tecimer C,Doering DL,Goldsmith LJ,Meyer JS,Abdulhay G,Wittliff JL. Gynecologic Oncology; 80(1): 48-55
Publication Date: 2001 Jan

"Polyomavirus PCR monitoring in renal transplant recipients: detection in blood is associated with higher creatinine values"
Cirocco R,Markou M,Rosen A,Goldsmith L,Cianco G,Roth D,Kupin W,Burke G,Esquenazi V,Tzakis A,Miller J. Transplantation Proceedings; 33(2-Jan): 1805-1807
Publication Date: 2001 Feb

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