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Christina Pinkston

 cmpink02 Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Role: Staff
Title: Biostatistician III
Office No: 139B
Address: 485 E. Gray St
Phone: 502/852-7676



I am a Biostatistician in the Statistical Consulting Center. I have been working with the School of Public Health and Information Sciences since September 2009 and joined the Statistical Consulting Center in November 2013.

My background before joining the Statistical Consulting Center:

Analyst with the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health

Research Assistant with the Nutritional Epidemiology Branch at the National Cancer Institute

Analyst at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Analyst at the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Master of Science in Biostatistics, The George Washington University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Minor in Mathematics. University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Faculty I Support
Dr. Guy Brock

Journal Articles 

Stephanie D. Boone, Kathy B. Baumgartner, Richard N. Baumgartner, Avonne E. Connor, Christina M. Pinkston, Esther M. John, Lisa M. Hines, Mariana C. Stern, Anna R. Giuliano, Gabriela Torres-Mejia, Guy N. Brock, Frank D. Groves, Richard A. Kerber, Roger K. Wolff, Martha L. Slattery. "Associations between genetic variants in the TGF-β signaling pathway and breast cancer risk among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women." Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2013.

Avonne E. Connor, Richard N. Baumgartner, Christina Pinkston, Kathy B. Baumgartner. “Obesity and Risk of Breast Cancer Mortality in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women: The New Mexico Women’s Health Study.” Journal of Women’s Health, 2013. 

Avonne E. Connor, Richard N. Baumgartner, Kathy B. Baumgartner, Richard A. Kerber, Christina Pinkston, Esther M. John, Gabriela Torres- Mejia, Lisa Hines, Anna Giuliano, Roger Wolff, Martha L. Slattery. “Associations between TCF7L2 polymorphisms and risk of breast cancer among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women: The Breast Cancer Health Disparities Study.” Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2012.

Rachael Z Stolzenberg-Solomon, Roni T Falk, Frank Stanczyk, Robert N Hoover, Lawrence J Appel, Jamy D Ard, Bryan C Batch, Janelle Coughlin, Xu Han, Lillian F Lien, Christina M Pinkston, Laura P Svetkey and Hormuzd A Katki. “Sex hormone changes during weight loss and maintenance in overweight and obese postmenopausal African-American and non-African-American women.” Breast Cancer Research, 2012.

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