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Timothy Wiemken, PhD, MPH, FAPIC, CIC


Tim Wiemken Image 2017

Department of Epidemiology and Population Health

Associate Professor
Room No. 230, 485 E. Gray Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-852-4627
Fax: 502-852-3291

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


I am an Epidemiologist specializing in infectious disease prevention and control. I was an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases prior to my appointment in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences Department of Epidemiology and Population Health in 2017. I collaborate with investigators from around the world in clinical research and implementation science programs for both healthcare-associated in infection prevention and community-acquired pneumonia.


PhD - University of Louisville (2011) Public Health Sciences
MPH – Saint Louis University (2006) Epidemiology
BA – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (2001) Microbiology


My current research interests include: healthcare epidemiology and healthcare-associated infections, community-acquired pneumonia, vaccinology, and vaccine preventable diseases. I am also interested in health disparities in each of those fields, particularly in our region. Finally, I am intensely interested in computational epidemiology for infectious disease control, and production of open-source software to make it easier for public health practitioners and healthcare workers to more quickly identify and mitigate infectious disease transmission.


2007 – Present
Certified in Infection Control and Epidemiology
Certification Board on Infection Control and Epidemiology Inc. (CBIC), Initial Certification in 2008; Recertified in 2013 and 2017.

2016 – Present
Fellow of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (FAPIC)


Selected healthcare epidemiology/infection prevention manuscripts

Wiemken TL, Furmanek SP, Carrico RM, Mattingly WA, Persaud AK, Guinn BE, Kelley RR, Ramirez JA. Process control charts in infection prevention: Make it simple to make it happen. American Journal of Infection Control. 2017 Mar 1;45(3):216-221.

Wiemken TL, Powell W, Carrico RM, Mattingly WA, Kelley RR, Furmanek SP, Johnson D, Ramirez JA.  Disinfectant sprays versus wipes: applications in behavioral health. American Journal of Infection Control. 2016 Dec 1;44(12):1698-1699. PMID: 27590110

Munoz-Price LS, Banach DB, Bearman G, Gould JM, Leekha S, Morgan D, Palmore TN, Rupp M, Weber DJ, Wiemken TL.  SHEA Expert Guidance: Isolation precautions for visitors.  Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  2015 Jul;36(7):747-58. PMID: 26017347

Wiemken TL, Curran D, Kelley R, Pacholski EB, Carrico R, Peyrani P, Ramirez J.  Evaluation of the effectiveness of improved hydrogen peroxide in the operating room.  American Journal of Infection Control.  2014. Sep; 42(9):10045. PMID: 24939514

Wiemken TL, Curran D, Kelley R, Khan MS, Carrico R, Pacholski EB, Ramirez JA. A Single Genotype of Acinetobacter baumannii expresses multiple antibiotic susceptibility phenotypes. American Journal Of Infection Control. 2014 May;42(5):556-8. PMID: 24773796

Wiemken TL, Curran D, Pacholski EB, Kelley R, Abdelfattah R, Carrico R, Ramirez J.  The value of ready to use disinfectant wipes: compliance, employee time, and time-related costs.  American Journal of Infection Control. 2014 Mar;42(3):329-30. PMID: 24581022

Wiemken TL, Polgreen P, Ramirez J, Peyrani P, Carrico R.  Evaluation of the knowledge-sharing social network of hospital-based infection preventionists in Kentucky.  American Journal of Infection Control.  2012 Jun;40(5):440-5.  PMID: 21885160

Selected pneumonia manuscripts

Wiemken TL, Venkatakrisha RJ, Kelley RR, Peyrani P, Mattingly WA, Arnold FW, Cabral PW, Cavallazzi R, Bodduluri H, Ramirez JA.  The upper respiratory tract microbiome of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia of unknown aetiology: A pilot study.  Pneumonia. 2015 6:83-89

Wiemken TL, Carrico RM, Klein SL, Jonsson CB, Peyrani P, Aliberti S, Blasi F, Lopardo G, Ramirez JA, and the CAPO invstigators.  The effectiveness of the polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine for the prevention of hospitalizations due to Streptococcus pneumoniae in the elderly differs between the sexes:  Results from the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO) International Cohort Study.  Vaccine. 2014 Apr 17;32(19):2198-203. PMID: 24613522

Wiemken T, Peyrani P, Bryant K, Kelley K, Summersgill J, Arnold FW, Carrico R, McKinney WP, Jonsson C, Carrico K, Ramirez J.  Incidence of respiratory viruses in patients with community-acquired pneumonia admitted to the intensive care unit: results from the severe influenza pneumonia surveillance (SIPS) project.  European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.   2013 May;32(5):705-10. PMID: 23274861

Wiemken T, Peyrani P, Ramirez J.  Global changes in the epidemiology of community-acquired pneumonia.  Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  2012 Jun;33(3), 213-9. PMID: 22718207

Arnold FW, Wiemken T, Peyrani P, Mirsaeidi M, Ramirez JA, and the CAPO Investigators.  Outcomes in females hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia are worse than males.  European Respiratory Journal. 2013 May;41(5):1135-40. PMID: 22835618

Bordon J, Wiemken T, Peyrani P, Paz ML, Gnoni M, Cabral P, Venero MD, Ramirez J, CAPO Study Group.  Decrease in long-term survival for hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia.  Chest.  August 2010 138(2): 279-283.  PMID: 20382718

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