Christina Pinkston

Christina PinkstonBioinformatics and Biostatistics

Biostatistician III
Room No. 139E, 485 E. Gray St.
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-852-7676

Christina Pinkston is a staff biostatistician with the Statistical Consulting Center. During her time with the Statistical Consulting Center, Ms. Pinkston has provided statistical support for over 100 projects and has collaborated with multi-disciplinary teams including clinical, basic, population, and social science investigators. These efforts have produced numerous abstracts and peer-reviewed publications.

Prior to joining the Statistical Consulting Center, Ms. Pinkston worked with the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences. Prior to moving to Louisville from Washington, DC, she was an analyst for the National Cancer Institute, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Master of Science in Biostatistics, The George Washington University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics. University of Maryland, Baltimore County


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2016 Publications

Boone SD, Pinkston CM, Baumgartner KB, Baumgartner RN, Harper SM, Bonham AJ, Paynter CA, Harper DM. “Associations between prior HPV4 vaccine doses and cervical cancer screening particiaption.” Cancer Epidemiol. June 2016; 42:108-114. doi: 10.1016/j.canep.2016.04.003

Crittenden NE, Buchanan LA, Pinkston CM, Cave B, Barve A, Marsano L, McClain CJ, Jones CM, Marvin MR, Davis EG, Kuns-Adkins CB, Gedaly R, Brock G, Shah MB, Rosenau J, Cave MC. "Simeprevir and sofosbuvir with or without ribavirin to treat recurrent genotype 1 hepatitis C virus infection after orthotopic liver transplantation."Liver Transpl. May 2016; 22(5):635-43. doi: 10.1002/lt

Connor AE, Baumgartner KB, Baumgartner RN, Pinkston CM, Boone SD, John EM, Torres-Mejia G, Hines LM, Giuliano AR, Wolff RK, Slattery ML. “Cigarette Smoking and Breast Cancer Risk in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women: The Breast Cancer Health Disparities Study.” J Womens Health (Larchmt). Mar 2016;25(3):299-310. DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2015.5502

Connor AE, Baumgartner RN, Pinkston CM, Boone SD, Baumgartner KB. "Obesity, ethnicity, and quality of life among breast cancer survivors and women without breast cancer: the long-term quality of life follow-up study."Cancer Causes Control. January 2016;27(1):115-24. 10.1007/s10552-015-0688-z


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