Handbooks & Catalogs

The primary purpose of a student handbook is to provide students with information, guidelines, and policies for attending and receiving an education in our institution.

The Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences has student handbooks available for the Master of Public Health (MPH) with concentrations in Population Health Management and Health Policy as well as the PhD in Public Health Sciences specialization in Health Management and Policy.

-- Student handbook for MPH Concentrations in Population Health Management and Health Policy
-- Student handbook for MS in Health Administration
-- Student handbook for PhD in Public Health Sciences Specialization in Health Management and Policy

The School of Public Health and Information Sciences Catalog (SPHIS Catalog) is the official bulletin and catalog for SPHIS students. The SPHIS Catalog has been prepared to acquaint students with the departments, faculty, and curriculum of the SPHIS. 

Additional information, guidelines, and polices for graduate students can be found in the University of Louisville Graduate Catalog.

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