Research Areas

Richard N. Baumgartner, PhD
Chair, Professor & Distinguished Scholar
Nutritional and molecular epidemiology. Current research interests include body composition (obesity, sarcopenia and osteopenia) in relation to aging, chronic disease and disability, and nutritional, hormonal and inflammatory biomarkers in the molecular epidemiology of breast cancer.

Kathy Baumgartner, PhD
Associate Dean, Associate Professor
Breast cancer and gaining a better understanding of the relationship of risk and prognosis with ethnicity, obesity, diet, physical activity, genetic susceptibility and admixture, and quality of life.

Frank Groves, MPH, MD
Associate Professor
Cancer epidemiologist, principal research focus is on the etiology of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.), emphasizing such risk factors as socioeconomic status, birthweight, family structure and housing characteristics.

Richard Kerber, PhD
Genetic and molecular epidemiology, aging, cancer, evolution & chronic disease, quantitative methods, data management

Susan Muldoon, MPH, PhD
Associate Dean, Assistant Professor
Epidemiology of aging, chronic disease management and end of life care; specifically interested in patient outcomes following long-term acute care, management of breast cancer as a chronic disease and doctor-patient-caregiver communication at the end of life.

Elizabeth O'Brien, PhD
Assistant Professor
Genetic epidemiology of chronic and age-related disease

Kira Taylor, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor
Genetic and environmental influences & their interaction on cardiovascular disease and reproductive traits, gene-environment interactions, women's health, examination of genetic influences across populations

Dongyan Yang, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Cardiovascular diseases, cancer epidemiology and clinical trails

Kristina Zierold, MS, PhD
Associate Professor
Environmental and occupational epidemiology & children's health

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