Technical Report Series

Technical reports of the current research conducted by members of are department are listed below.  Copies of the reports are available by clicking on the article titles.  Questions regarding about the reports should be addressed to the author(s).


In this work we propose a novel method for individualized treatment selection when the treatment response is multivariate. Our method covers any number of treatments and it can be applied for a broad set of models. The proposed method uses a rank aggregation technique to estimate an ordering of treatments based on ranked lists of treatment performance measures such as smooth conditional means and conditional probability of a response for one treatment dominating others. An empirical study demonstrates the performance of the proposed method in finite samples. We also present a data analysis using a HIV clinical trial data to show the applicability of the proposed procedure for real data.

BST2017-01: Personalized Plans with Multiple Treatments. Chathura Siriwardhana, Meng Zhao, Somnath Datta, K.B. Kulasekera.

In this work we propose a method for treatment assignment based on individual covariate information for a patient. Our method covers more than two treatments and it can be applied with a broad set of models and it has very desirable large sample properties. An empirical study using simulations and a real data analysis show the applicability of the proposed procedure.

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