Student Poster Competition

How Large A Sample Size Is Needed To Train A Classifier In High Dimension, Low Sample Size Problems?

Sandra Addo, Department of Statistics, University of Georgia.   :Read the Abstract:

Applying the Jonckheere-Terpstra Statistic to AUC Regression

Amy Buros, Baylor University   :Read the Abstract:

QSAR Type Modelling for Band Gap Engineering of Compound Semiconductors: Accelerated Expansion of the Chemical Search Space for New Solar Materials

Joe Bible, Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, University of Louisville   :Read the Abstract:

Two-Step Smoothing Estimation of Conditional Distribution Functions by Time-Varying Parametric Models for Longitudinal Data

Mohammed Chowdhury, George Washington University   :Read the Abstract:

The Group Lasso for Functional Logistic Regression

Jessica Godwin, Auburn University   :Read the Abstract:

Asymptotic Independence of Sample Means and Extremes from a Periodic Time Series

Zhiyun Gong, Department of mathematical sciences, Clemson University  :Read theAbstract:

Comparing Singular Value Decomposition and Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Janitha Hapuwitharana, Lamar University    :Read the Abstract:

Bayesian Gaussian Process Regression for High-dimensional Data

Qing He, Emory University   :Read the Abstract:

Parametric Inference of Incomplete Data with Two Groups of Factors in Competing Risk Models

Chendi Jiang Clemson University   :Read the Abstract:

Tracking Vocal Development Patterns in Newborns using Histogram-type Data

Minsoo Kim, University of Georgia   :Read the Abstract:

Model Specification and Confidence Intervals for Voice Communication

Robert Leonard, Virginia Commonwealth University  :Read theAbstract:

A Novel Statistical Method based on Dynamic Models for Classification

Lerong Li, University of Texas    :Read the Abstract:

A Robust Variable Selection Method For Grouped Data

Kristin Lilly, Auburn University    :Read theAbstract:

Jackknife Empirical Likelihood For σ² in the Linear Regression Model

Hui-Ling Lin, Georgia State University    :Read the Abstract:

A New Approach For Quantifying Agreement Among Multiple Raters: Estimation And Comparison

Xin Lu, Emory University   :Read the Abstract:

A Bayesian Approach To Longitudinal Categorical Data In A Continuous Time Markov Chain Model

Junsheng Ma, University of Texas Health Sciences Center    :Read the Abstract:

A New Bayesian Lasso

Himel Mallick, Department of Biostatistics, University of Alabama at Birmingham   :Read the Abstract:

Studying Complexity of Model-Based Clustering

Semhar Michael, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa    :Read the Abstract:

Estimating Treatment Effect In Observational Studies In The Presence Of Censoring Due To Death

Pallavi Mishra, Emory University    :Read the Abstract:

Multidimentional Indices Nonlinear Signed-Rank Regression

Brice Nguelifack, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University   :Read the Abstract:

Spatio-Temporal Model for Solar Irradiance Data

Joshua Patrick, Department of Statistical Science, Baylor University   :Read the Abstract:

Statistical Methods for Dealing with Over-Dispersion in Modeling Count Responses

Elizabeth Payne, Medical University of South Carolina    :Read the Abstract:

Estimating the Nucleotide Substitution Matrix Using a Full Four-State transition Rate Matrix

Ho-lan Peng, University of Texas    :Read the Abstract:

Nonparametric Bayes Estimation of Reliability of a Coherent System

Fazlur AKM Rahman, Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina, Columbia  :Read theAbstract:

The Diaphoretic Effect of Exercise: Determination of Sweating Threshold and Sensitivity

Jamie Rowell, Department of Mathematics, Armstrong Atlantic State University    :Read the Abstract:

Identification of Post Translational Modifications from Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) Data via Clustering and Bayesian Modeling

Jasmit Shah,Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, University of Louisville   :Read the Abstract:

High-Dimensional Regularized Discriminant Analysis

Caleb Stein, Department of Statistical Science, Baylor University   :Read the Abstract:

A Novel Approach for Statistical Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds

JingYong Su, Florida State University   :Read the Abstract:

Hypothesis Tests and Classification with Gaussian Mixture Models under Differential Privacy

Xiaosu Tong, Department of Statistics, Purdue University    :Read the Abstract:

An Asymmetrically Modified Boxplot for Exploratory Data Analysis

Michael Walker, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa    :Read theAbstract:

Extended Variable Selection Models for Missing Data with Application to Predict Median Effective Dose and Maximum Effect

Yubing Wan, Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, University of Louisville   :Read the Abstract:

A Predictive Latent Class Model For Analyzing Time-series Data With Incorporation Of Expert Ratings

Lijia Wang, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Emory University   :Read the Abstract:

Non-parametric Bayesian modeling for density estimation of sea turtle nesting locations along Juno Beach in Florida

Ming Wang, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Emory University   :Read theAbstract:

A Dimension Reduction Tool For Cluster Analysis Using Optimal Scoring

Yanhong Wang, Georgia State University    :Read the Abstract:

Semiparametric Group Testing Models

Dewei Wang, Clemson University  :Read the Abstract:

Some Problems in Veterinary Medicine Disease Mapping

Dongmei Wang, Clemson University    :Read theAbstract:

The Focused and Model Average Estimation for Panel Count Data

HaiYing Wang, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri :Read theAbstract:

Suffcient Dimension Reduction via Distance Covariance

Sheng Wenhui, University of Georgia    :Read theAbstract:

Investigation of Blinding Indexes in Randomized Clinical Trials

Forrest Williamson, Baylor University    :Read the Abstract:

Stable Estimation in Dimension Reduction by Sub-Sampling with Random Weights

Wenbo Wu, University of Georgia  :Read the Abstract:

Analytical Methods For Evaluations Of Targeting Performances For A Simplified Stochastic Model Of Neural Arborization

Jun Xia, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia State University   :Read the Abstract:

Hierarchical Feature Selection Incorporating Known And Novel Biological Information

Yize Zhao, Emory University    :Read the Abstract:

A Covariate-Adjusted Frailty Cox model For Clustered Failure Time Data

Haiming Zhou, University of South Carolina    :Read theAbstract:

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