LG&E and KU Hires Alumna Rebecca Richmond for Workplace Wellness

LG&E and KU Hires Alumna Rebecca Richmond for Workplace Wellness

Rebecca Richmond '11

Rebecca Richmond, MPH ’11

Rebecca joined the field of public health in order to impact people’s lives in a positive way. She is motivated most when focusing on health and well-being.  Since graduating, she has enjoyed putting her knowledge into practice. “It was exciting to see things you read in your textbooks actually happening – not everything, but you are ready for those challenges in the workplace. A lot of times in school you wonder, ‘When will I use this?’ but I use it all the time – especially evaluation.”

Over the last two years in her former position at Frazier Rehab, she realized the potential for impacting health and employee wellness in the workplace. “I was spending 40 plus hours at a workplace – it’s really an area that you can impact. When I learned that KentuckyOne had a wellness committee, I thought, why am I not on the committee? I have something to offer you. I set up a meeting and brought a resume, even though it was just an informal meeting.”

This was a very important connection for Rebecca, and was instrumental in her selection as a Health, Wellness and Corporate Safety Associate at the main LG&E and KU office in downtown Louisville. “I am looking forward to the fact that we’re building a structure for this wellness program at LG&E and KU…we have the flexibility to build the program and see what works. Employee wellness is going to forever be a process to see what motivates people – being on top of that creativity and find ways to continuously engage people and reward them. As a public health professional, having the skills to evaluate – to be able to communicate how it helped, to show the numbers – that is what is exciting to me.”

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