What is the minimum GPA requirements?
Undergraduate students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0. 

Why major in public health?
Public health is an interdisciplinary degree that addresses many pressing health concerns.  With a prevention focus, public health majors have a great impact on the health of individuals and the population.  Students are taught to think critically and identify skills and resources to solve challenges and advance the field.  Public health majors positively change the world.

How can I get involved as a student?
SPHIS has very active and engaged student organizations such as the Student Government Association (SGA) https://louisville.edu/sphis/current-students/student-government-association and the Kentucky Public Health Association (KPHA).

How can I change my major to Public Health?
UofL students can change their major to public health by officially completing the Intra-University-Transfer (IUT) Form.

Do you offer classes online?
SPHIS undergraduate courses are not currently offered online.

Is there campus housing available?
SPHIS undergraduate students may opt to reside in the Public Health Living Learning Community?  UofL offers additional options for housing which are located at http://louisville.edu/housing/.

Can I minor in public health?

The School of Public Health and Information Sciences, currently offers two minors:  Minor in Public Health andMinor in Environmental Health.  The Public Health Minor is an option for students who are not majoring is not public health.  The Environmental Health Minor is an option for any interested student eligible to apply.

The Global Public Health Studies minor is a collaboration between the Department of Anthropology, the School of Public Health and Information Sciences, and the Program in Liberal Studies. Interested students can review the website for additional details or contact Christopher Tillquist, PhD:

Office: Room 242 Lutz Hall, Department of Anthropology

Phone: (502) 852-2422
Email:Dr. Tillquist 

What does the curriculum include?
Public Health is not your average major.  The program using learning techniques based on recent findings from the new science of learning.  With a focus on learning, thinking and teamwork, PHUN students gain knowledge in the enterprise of public health; human biology, health and disease, and culture relevant to public health; the built and natural world relevant to public health; intellectual and practical skills; and the integration of culture, society and public health.

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