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BS/BA in Public Health

A degree in public health provides students with the skills they need to improve the health of populations and communities, as well as alleviate suffering caused by disease, injuries and health disparities.

Our BS/BA in Public Health Program offers two degree options, a bachelor of science in public health (BSPH) for students focused on public health practice and a bachelor of arts in public health (BAPH) for liberal studies. These degrees will prepare students for positions in specific sectors of public health, health services, and public policy, with career opportunities in health education, health care administration, health research, environmental health, and more. Examples of job settings could include colleges and universities, federal and state health agencies, and community and international organizations. Both degrees will prepare students for advanced degrees in public health, law, medicine, nursing, and dentistry.


Students interested in the program must be admitted to the University of Louisville as an undergraduate. Students entering UofL directly from high school or who have been in the public health workforce for at least 3 years do not have to meet a minimum grade point average requirement (GPA).  Students that have completed some college course work must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. 


The SPHIS Advising Office is your academic resource center. The advising staff provides assistance with planning programs of study, coordinating course registration and providing guidance and referral services. Academic advising also helps students select appropriate required and elective courses, determine choice of degree, and provides support to those experiencing academic difficulties in their course work.

Students are expected to know the requirements for graduation through the information available in the undergraduate catalog and through published addenda to the catalog. All new students are required to be advised regardless of credit hours. Students on conditional, warning, or probationary status must also be advised prior to registering for courses.

For further information about advising or to make an appointment, send an email with your name, phone number and student identification number and in the subject line put "Undergrad Advising". An advisor will contact you within 24 hours. You may also call 852-3289 to schedule an advising appointment.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 120 credit hours and meet the specific course requirements based on their chosen degree program outlined in the curriculum below.  To graduate, program students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in all coursework with a minimum 3.0 GPA for coursework in the major.

Degree Requirements


Credit Hours



General Coursework (first two years)

General education



Foreign language



Other humanities and social and natural sciences



Subtotal for general coursework



Major Coursework (second two years)

Degree program core



Guided electives (“selectives”)



Subtotal for major coursework



Open Elective Coursework

Open electives



Total for degree coursework



Choosing a degree: BS or BA?

Which program should you pick? BS or BA? The good news is you have time during your first two years to explore your options for your future before making a choice. Your major studies don’t begin until your junior year (completion of 60 credit hours). Our program advisors are ready to help you work through your options and possible courses both while you are deciding and after you have decided.

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the B.S./B.A. in Public Health please contact Tammi Alvey Thomas at or 502-852-3289.

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