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Tracking Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic System

Image of the tracking solar collector on the roof of the Sackett Building.


The University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering has been tapped to lead the Commonwealth of Kentucky's research endeavor into alternative and renewable energy. A prominent symbol of this endeavor is the tracking solar panel located on the roof of Sackett Hall. With a computer controlled dual-axis tracking system, its advanced features are intended for research, development and education, while supplying a portion of the building's electric and hot water loads. Two solar thermal collectors provide nearly 100% of the hot water in the summer, and less during the winter when colder temperatures reduce collector efficiency. Ten photovoltaic panels feed enough electricity into the grid to meet the needs of the building's computer laboratory. Current projects are focused on developing instrumentation and protocols for instructional laboratory experiments utilizing the system, and a real-time performance monitoring system. Check back in the coming months for updates.

Solar Thermal Collectors
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Solar Photovoltaic Collectors
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