Syrian immigrant sees the bigger picture

April 17, 2017

At only twenty-two years old, Junior Noor Eddin Almoutem has quite a story to tell. A Syrian immigrant, Almoutem attend college in Jordan before moving to the United States three years ago with his family. Initially attending Jefferson County Technical School, Almouten recently became a student at the JB Speed School, where he was recently accepted into the Department of Computer Engineering Computer Science. He plans to double major in CECS and the dental program here, emphasizing additive manufacturing to combine the two fields of study.

As a non-traditional student currently enrolled in Engineering Fundamentals 111, Almoutem has an outside perspective on the course and the experience that it cultivates.

“If this was offered to me when I first started engineering, it would have influenced me in many areas. You really learn something from each field of engineering. Even using calculus here, other than on a test. Since I’m a junior, looking at this class now offered for Freshman, this would be the best class I’d ever take if I was a freshman. The three years of being a junior, it took me all those years to figure out what I wanted to do,” says Almoutem.

On top of his course work as a double major, Almoutem works in a pharmacy, giving him little in terms of free time. Still, he admits, “This is class is really my relief for the day. It’s a lot of work, but it’s awesome.”

He sees EF 111 as an opportunity to implement the skills that you’ve learned into a cohesive whole, a valuable experience for incoming freshmen to see engineering in action, rather than in a theoretical space.

“You’re not learning to get good grades, you’re learning to implement something. Pick where you’re learning to implement it. I wish it was offered when I was younger. I know it’s going to be helping those freshmen who is now seeing what real life could be like. If they take that opportunity to see for their learning, but to see how they could use it in their real life, that would be awesome,” says Almoutem.