Amrit Regmi on leadership & team building

April 20, 2017

For twenty years, Amrit Regmi lived in a Nepalese refugee camp, an immigrant from the country of Bhutan. There he lived often without the amenities that we may take for granted like access to electricity and proper sanitation. Once he received his refuge status, Regmi moved to the United States without his parents, who stayed behind in hopes that their home in Bhutan would evolve beyond their current conflict.

A junior in the Department of Bioengineering is a non-traditional student with a seasoned perspective on engineering education. Transferring in from Jefferson County Technical College, Regmi realized a little after the fact that he didn’t need to take Engineering Fundamentals 111, but felt inspired to stick with it after becoming familiar with the course work and syllabus.

“I made up my mind that I wanted to stick with this class, even though I don’t need too. We started off working on one of these bringing together electrical, mechanical, critical thinking, and team building. Everything packed into one project. We have been doing wonderful with what we’ve been provided with. I’m loving it. I can’t wait for the final project,” says Regmi.

For Regmi, the new Engineering Fundamentals course is a chance to develop practical skills with real world applications.

He says, “It has especially helped me in terms of kind of a leadership, kind of team building skills, not that I haven’t worked in the past as a team, but this is a different setting. We are provided with the time and opportunities. We have to work as a team to do not only what the deliverables says, but writing reports, and helping each other to grow within the class.”

It’s a new experience, not only in the Speed School, but for Regmi as well. He explains, “I have not been in a project like this. I have never thought it would take that many steps to design something. Even though we were provided all the materials and everything provided in that way. Design process is something that I really have taken from this.”