Freshman Kaylee Norvell on team building in Engineering Methods Tools & Practice

April 17, 2017

Growing up in London, KY, freshman Kaylee Norvell has always enjoyed building stuff. During her junior year of high school, she was accepted to the Governor’s Scholars program and exposed to the wider world of possibility that engineering offers. After weighing her post-graduate options, she gravitated towards the JB Speed School where she is now enrolled and moving towards the end of her first year.

Norvell, who believes she might go into Mechanical, is a student in Professor Robinson’s Engineering Fundamentals 111 course, and thoroughly engaged in the process. The class, which sees students pairing off to build a windmill, is geared towards applying engineering principles to a functional project.

“This is the first time I’ve ever played around with stuff. It’s even gotten me more interested in other classes, and even how the world works. It’s helped in that aspect. I know that this is what I want to do now. It’s also good being a Freshman and if you know that you hate it, you haven’t gotten too far. I’ve heard a lot of my classmates say that it’s stupid. That’s the thing with education: you can’t please everyone,” says Norvell.

Ultimately, Norvell hopes to apply the lessons learned in class to her future academic and professional endeavors. According to Norvell, her biggest take away is, “People skills. They split us up in groups. I have Mechanical, a Bio-Medical, and a Computer Engineering Computer Science majors on my team. It has helped me communicate within your discipline and know that you’re good at something and they’re good at something and connect with them. That’s what engineering is about.”