NSBE Profile: The Value

February 16, 2017

NSBE Advisor, Erica GrayAn advisor in the Speed School Cooperative Education and Career Development Office  working with chemical and electrical engineering majors, if you’ve worked your rotation lately, then you likely recognize Erica Gray. An alumna of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s in Arts in English and a Master’s from Spalding University, Gray is currently finishing off her doctoral PhD in Educational Leadership. For the last five years or so, Gray has been an employee at UofL, working first with the Signature Partnership Schools program before transferring to the Speed School a year and a half ago.

Since joining the Speed School, she was invited as an advisor to the National Society of Black Engineers. Gray believes, “The value of NSBE on campus is to show that there are professional organizations for black engineers. It’s good across campus, because if I’m a student across campus, I know that there is an organization of students that will help me through a pretty rigorous program.”

She adds, “I think the other value is that it’s just not common, still, for there to be a lot of black engineers. Regionally, it’s good that this campus is represented, at bigger institutions in bigger cities, to know that there are black students that are interested in engineering, that are being successful in pursing their degree is fantastic.”

Gray admits that the Speed School can be difficult to navigate, but is optimistic that with the right support and staying connected with students like yourself, that you can succeed.

She advises, “We have students here who came from a very small school where they were a genius and they aren’t used to how competitive to everyone. Even if you have professors that are hard to talk to, make them know you. Knowing that you care about yourself enough. Get over this whole mindset that engineers are introverts. If you talk to NSBE, just come in.”

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