Helping to Heal: Dr. Adrian Lauf & a team of CECS students work on a free app to deal with para-natal grief

July 11, 2017

A team of Computer Engineering Computer Science students led by Dr. Adrian Lauf were recently part of a project headed by Dr. Marianne Hutti, a professor and the Coordinator of Women’s Health-Family Nurse Practitioner Dual Major Program. The collaboration regarded a free phone app aimed at helping patients recover from pregnancy loss or the death of a newborn.

Lauf and his team of four students aided in the development and graphic design of the app. When most of his students graduated, Lauf took over some of the research to finish the project.

“There are several faculty members from the School of Nursing working with Adrian on apps. When I asked who they were working with it was clear he was the "go to" guy! He and his students are delightful,” Marianne Hutti.

According to Lauf, “The purpose of the application is to gauge the amount of para natal grief in a mother and to use a smart device, asked to answer questions to be able to determine the amount of grief suffering. If it’s above a certain threshold, the provider is alerted that this individual may need additional care.”

The application is unique not only in targeting para-natal loss, but in applying an evidence based system. Lauf explains, “Speed school is involved in a number of school of nursing projects that are developing evidence based projects. That means that there is science behind the app. There is research work to app up what’s being.”

Available now for Android only, Lauf explains that Apple rejected the applications. But there is good news for Apple users, who can access the app here or by searching the Google Play store for para-natal grief intensity.