Engineering Garage Leadership Council builds nest in EEG

November 14, 2018

 The newly formed Engineering Garage Leadership Council (EGLC) wants to streamline the use of the shared space and activities within the Engineering Education Garage (EEG). Spearheaded by mechanical engineering student Tyler Huesman, the council formed in early September consisting of the captains and presidents of Redbird Robotics, River City Rocketry, Formula SAE, and Louisville SAE Baja. Each represent the teams who most frequently utilize the garage.

“Our main mission is to make the EEG as efficient and outstanding as possible for everyone who comes here, and we very much look forward to working closely with Speed School to do just that,” said Huesman.

The council serves the dual purpose of helping to maintain and organize the space, while also allowing for a voice in shaping joint events that showcase the various assets in the garage. From the mundane to the extraordinary, Huesman believes the council can help make their shared space more viable.

“We feel that it is important to have a unified body to which Speed School can look to when it comes to organizing the garage as a whole,” said Huesman. “This could be as simple as keeping track of all waivers for each team, to proposing major improvements to the EEG itself.”

There are a number of resources there, including recent additions like an industrial grade horizontal saw donated from the Rapid Prototyping Center, as well as a new lathe and mill funded by the Speed Dean's Office annual budget for the EEG, all recent additions to the machine shop.

EEG Facilities Coordinator Mike Miller takes safety very seriously. Prior to using any of the equipment in the facilities, students are required to pass an online safety test. After passing the test, students are only allowed to utilize the equipment upon certification, operating under the supervision of a certified operator. After certification, students are required to have two certified operators on hand when a machine is in use. 

In addition, Joe Vicars and Gary Graf from the Rapid Prototyping Center offer classes in methods in machining on request.

Miller's top priority is foster a creative and safe environment for student use. 

“I help champion a lot of energetic competition teams and I am really glad to help and be a part of something so dynamic. All of our teams know my door is always open and we talk through any suggestions, conflicts or needs they may have; and balance each teams needs to make sure we have the best use  of this awesome space and funding,” said Miller. “There is just so much opportunity here in the EEG.”

Huesman hopes that the EGLC can build on the existing success of the garage, by providing a greater dialogue between students and administrators.