Engineered for love: two Speed students get married this Spring Break

March 14, 2017

This spring break, Mechanical Engineering student Joel Deddens married his sweetheart Corine (Cori) Finney, a graduate from the Chemical Engineering Department. Married on Saturday, March 11th, Deddens and Finney retreated to Jamaica for their honeymoon, an economic decision that worked out well given the cool local temperatures.

“We were on a cruise to Mexico when I proposed last spring so it kind of made sense to go back to the Caribbean, and Jamaica was just the best place we could find everything we wanted without having to take out an extra student loan,” says Deddens.

Meeting through mutual friends, the two hit it off once they were able to spend any time together. For Deddens, Finney is an inspiration.

“When we met, she was working on her master’s degree in chemical engineering at speed, which she was awarded in May 2015. I was working full-time while she was in school and she is really the one who motivated me to enroll and there was almost a polar switch where she started working and I started going to class in 2015,” says Deddens.

Now, he looks forward to getting into his higher-level courses, where he believes he will become a better engineer. A gearhead, Deddens has an interest in how various forms of transportation function, an enthusiasm for mechanics that informs his educational pursuits, which he balances with his professional activities.

Deddens says, “I've toyed with the idea of getting into robotics but my programming experience is extremely limited, I hope to have the chance to work on that while I am still in school.”

Juggling school, work, and a wedding is no small feat, but one that Deddens and Finney have been fortunate in, which he admits hasn’t been that bad. He explains, “It has been tricky some days trying to balance getting things ready for this weekend and trying not to forget about my responsibilities in my classes. I have to force myself to make sure I've taken care of my school work before I start doing any wedding work, because once I'm on that train of thought it's hard to switch back.”