Alumni Council hosts 5th Annual Golf Scramble

May 24, 2017

Winners of the 2017 Speed School Alumni Council Golf Classic Fore Outreach was lead by Gary Rivoli.The 5th annual Speed School Alumni Council Golf Classic Fore Outreach was held May 22. The event, which is organized and supported by the The Speed Alumni Council, was meet with a wonderful reception at the UofL Golf Club in Simpsonville, KY, for a day of golfing and networking in perfect weather.

Alumni Council President Jeff Oeswein, a graduate of the department of Civil Engineering who employs his degree at LG&E, is eager in his efforts to help give back to the Speed School. In particular, the golf scramble is an opportunity to help raise funds for the STEM outreach program in exposing primary school aged children to engineering.

“We as a council wanted to figure out a way to help further that along and allow them to get into additional schools, and they need more kits. To help fundraise -we have really no fundraising mechanism- we decided to start a scramble five years ago. We started one at Wildwood Country Club and then we went to Neville Meade, and then eventually we ended up here three years ago,” explains Oeswein.

For years, the event was lead by Norb Paulin, a Civil Engineering graduate class of 1970. Paulin who retired from Yum Brands in 2010, has enjoyed his tenure working with the Alumni Council, although he is happy to have a break to enjoy the golf.

“It was good to come back and play and really enjoy the game and see what it’s like from participants. Even though I participated in playing golf, I was really wrapped up in the work that’s going on,” says Paulin adding, “This was just me coming out and enjoying the event. You’re responsible for it. This year was the first time that I’ve actually been able to eat lunch. Every other year, I’ve come out here and missed lunch because I was trying to make sure everything run smoothly.”

It’s grown incrementally both in terms of participants and in terms of the location. The idea for the scramble was initially floated by Josh Hillman, who joined the council at the same time as Paulin.

Hillman explains, “The first year I think we barely had 16 teams. I want to say the last two years were up 28 or 30 teams. When we moved it to the Cardinal Golf Club, it really grew.”

Oeswein adds, “This is kind of a natural fit and its really grown. We’ve been able to fundraise somewhere around 10K to 11K a year to give to the STEM outreach program. One of the missions of the council is to support the dean and the efforts of the school to attract and retain students. We kind of hit all the marks with that at this event.”

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