Wireless and IC Design Lab

The mission of the Wireless and IC Design Laboratory is to develop custom electronic-based solutions for academic researchers and industry partners. The lab is also tasked with training well-qualified undergraduate and graduate engineering students in the area of developing custom electronic solutions


Active Research

  • Intraocular Pressure (IOP) Measurement System for Glaucoma
  • Implantable System to Monitor Spinal Fusion Progression
  • Wireless Temperature Sensing System for preventing Febrile Seizures
  • Hypertemporal Missile Launch Analysis
  • Optical Bridge Monitoring System
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Lab on a Chip
  • DHS Explosive Detective

Core scientific and technical staff

  • Dr. John Naber, Director
  • Douglas Jackson, Research Engineer
  • Chris Isert, Research Engineer

For more information

Detailed information on the Lab’s research themes, industry partnership activities, personnel, facilities, outreach, educational workshops and conferences, and much more can be found online and via our newsletters available at http://crunch.spd.louisville.edu/naber/index.html. Contact Dr. John Naber or john.naber@louisville.edu via email at or by phone at 502/852-7910.

Location: Shumaker Research Bldg. Room 223