Micro Nano Technology Center

“Innovation through miniaturization”. The Micro/Nano Technology Cleanroom (MNTC) and Huson Nanotechnology Core Facility (HNCF) is a $30M class 100/1000 cleanroom facility established to support a wide range of research and academic initiatives in the growing areas of microelectronics, micro/nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology and MEMS at the University of Louisville and throughout the state of Kentucky. The state-of-the-art 10,000 ft2 Abbie Gregg, Inc. designed cleanroom opened in the summer of 2006 and is located on the 1st floor of the new $60M Shumaker Research Building. The cleanroom is strategically divided into 7 bays dedicated for photolithography,  mask generation, wet processing (etching/cleaning/plating), dry etching, thin film deposition, high temperature processing and PDMS processing.

The MNTC is utilized for the fabrication of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), bioMEMS, nano-scale devices and structures, microelectronic devices and electro-optic elements. A wide variety of disciplines use the facility including Electrical, Mechanical, Bio and Chemical Engineering, as well as Chemistry, Physics and Medicine.

Due to stringent processing requirements the lab is designed to meet class 1000 cleanroom specifications within five of the processing bays and class

100 specifications in its two lithography bays. The MNTC capabilities are listed below.



    • Photolithography
      • Photomasks and Direct Write
      • Grayscale Lithography
      • Contact Photolithography
      • Image Reversal
    • Thin Film Deposition
      • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System
      • Sputtering
      • Electron Beam and Thermal Evaporation
      • Parylene Coating
      • Molecular Vapor Deposition
      • Electroplating
      • Atomic Layer Deposition
    • Thermal Processing
      • Oxidation, Diffusion & Annealing
      • Rapid Thermal Processes
      • Vacuum Cure Oven
    • Etching, Machining and Bonding
      • Deep Reactive Ion Etch (Silicon)
      • Metal Plasma/Dry Etching
      • Anisotropic Silicon Wet Etching
      • Plasma Etching
      • Xenon Di-Fluoride Isotropic Silicon Etching
      • Wafer Level Bonding
      • Ion Milling
      • Critical Point Dryer
    • Packaging
      • Dicing
      • Wire Bonding
      • Flip Chip Packaging
      • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Metrology & Testing
      • Thin Film Stress Measurement
      • 3-D Contact Profiling
      • Non-contact 3D Optical Profiler
      • Mid-wave Thermal Imaging System
      • Ellipsometry
      • SEM, AFM, STM Capabilities
      • TCR Measurements
      • Testing
    • Design, Layout and Modeling

    Available at HNCF

    SEM, AFM, STM Capabilities: 

    • Zeiss Supra 35 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with 1 nm resolution imaging + accessories: STEM detector, Backscattering detector, EDAX-Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy, Zyvex 5 nm resolution nanomanipulator, Heating Peltier stage up to 1100C.
    • Zeiss EVO-40 Extreme Variable Pressure (3000 Pa) scanning electron microscope + accessories: Peltier stage -25C to 50C, Humidity control option
    • Gold-Palladium Sputter Coating
    • Asylum MF3D Bio-AFM + accessories: Liquid cell option for biomaterials, Vibration controller
    • Asylum MF3D Conductive AFM

    Ellipsometry: VASE Woollam Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for non-contact thin film thickness measurements and determining optical constants of single and multilayer films.

    Core Scientific and Technical Staff

    The staff includes the following:

      • Director: Dr. Shamus McNamara
      • Manager: Julia Aebersold, Ph.D.
      • Technical Support: Curt McKenna, Evgeniya Moiseeva,Ph.D. and Xiaojin Wang, Ph.D.
      • Administration: Mary Watson, Business Manager


        For More Information

        Detailed information can be found online and via our website at http://louisville.edu/micronano/.
        Or contact julia.aebersold@louisville.edu via email or phone at (502) 852-1572