Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center


Established in 1994, KPPC is a state-mandated technical assistance resource center. As part of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, KPPC has the resources, expertise and experienced engineering and technical staff to help Kentucky's businesses, industries and other organizations stay environmentally sustainable and competitive. KPPC has been recognized at both state and national levels as a Center of Excellence.

KPPC engineers work with clients to provide customized technical services that help lower operating costs by reducing waste and improving efficiency.

The Center has conducted more than 700 workshops, seminars and training sessions, and nearly 37,000 attendees have benefited from these learning opportunities. KPPC's on-site assessments have helped more than 750 Kentucky businesses and organizations improve environmental performance and lower operating costs.


Overall Objectives

  • Identify opportunities to reduce hazardous waste, energy and water usage while lowering costs for commercial facilities through on-site assessments at low or no cost to clients.
  • Assist and train industrial, commercial and institutional clients as they develop and implement long-term environmental management
    solutions at their facilities.
  • Provide online Recycling and Consultants Directories for Kentucky businesses, industries and other organizations.
  • Provide online news, training, publications, videos and other resources through the KPPC website.


Core Scientific and Technical Staff

    KPPC is comprised of technical and administrative staff that are committed to ensuring that KPPC is the environmental sustainability resource center for Kentucky.


        Center Budgets and Funding

        KPPC’s budget in 2013 was funded by:

        • Core funding provided through the Kentucky Hazardous Waste Management Fund.
        • Additional funding through active state and federal grants.
        • Higher Education funding provided by J.B. Speed School of Engineering.


        Outreach and Community Engagement Activities

        • Partnerships with 24 regional and national environmental and business organizations.
        • Monthly newsletter distributed to 850 subscribers through e-mail.
        • Extensive online resources available on KPPC’s website.
        • Project lead and facilitator for Kentucky E3 Initiative.
        • Facilitate and maintain the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center serving U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4 states.




        For More Information

          More information about the services and resources that KPPC delivers to Commonwealth businesses, industries and organizations is available online, in Sustainable Solutions Post newsletters and Annual Reports.

            Contact KPPC toll-free at (800) 334-8635
            direct at (502) 852-0965