ElectroOptics Research Institute and Nanotechnology Center

Researchers across Kentucky are working at the nanoscale and making tremendous advances in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics. Successful projects have already resulted in the design, modeling, and fabrication of unique nanoscale materials and devices.

Kentucky's leading nano research centers include the University of Kentucky's Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CeNSE) and University of Louisville's ElectroOptics Research Institute and Nanotechnology Center (ERINC).

These Institutions work both independently and collaboratively, including joint projects that span bio-engineering, pharmacy, medicine (nanosensors and nano-electrodes, and nanoparticle-based drug delivery), nano-templates for electronics and gas sensors (aligned carbon nanotube structures for gate-keeping), and opto-electronics (nano-structured displayed).


  • NanoCLEAR Anti-Reflective
  • Nanotemplate Engineering Process
  • Ultimate Eco-Car: Fuel Cells based on Nanocatalysis
  • Nanocomposites for radiation shielding during space flights
  • Brush-On and Self-Assembled Nano-Fibers
  • Nano-Dockiing Stations for Fuel Catalysts
  • Nano-Needles
  • Displacement photocurrent nanostructure sensors

Core Scientific and Technical Staff

The staff includes the following:

    • Dr. Robert Cohn, Director
    • Dr. Tereza Paroyan, Manager
    • Dr. Brigitte Fasciotto, Admin/Research Services


      For More Information

      Detailed information on the Lab’s research themes, industry partnership activities, personnel, facilities, outreach, educational workshops and conferences, and much more can be found online and via our newsletters available at http://www.ee.louisville.edu/~eri/

      Contact Dr. Robert Cohn via email at rwcohn@louisville.edu.