Computer Vision & Image Processing Lab

The Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory (CVIP Lab) was established in 1994 at the University of Louisville and is committed to excellence in research, teaching and training of image analysis and computer vision.

Besides the technical staff associated with the Lab, over 50 distinguished researchers at the University of Louisville and worldwide have collaborated with the CVIP Lab during the past decade. The laboratory has trained over 100 students and professionals since 1994. Research at the Lab has lead to graduating 25 MS and 15 PhD students (as of Spring 2008), and trained 10 postdoctoral fellows, hosted a number of national and international scholars, and trained several undergraduate students. Scientific activities at the CVIP Lab lead to the creation of 11 subjects in the ECE Department Curriculum. The laboratory research generated over 250 publications and five patents.

Core Research Facilities

The laboratory is housed in a modern state-of-the-art research building and is equipped with the latest in information technology. The laboratory hosts unique and modern hardware for imaging, AI Robotics, vision sensors, object scanning, high performance computing and visualization.

Core Scientific and Technical Staff

The staff includes the following:


Lutz Hall, Room xxx

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    Detailed information on the Lab’s research themes, personnel, facilities, outreach, lab events, and much more can be found online via theCVIP website.