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University of Louisville SCADA Security Project: Cyber security for SCADA and DCS networks

SCADA and DSC systems are networks of computer systems that allow measurement and control of physical systems. SCADA systems play an important role in the daily operation of geographically distributed critical infrastructure such as gas, water, and power distribution and transportation systems such as railways. DCS are integral to critical industrial manufacturing infrastructures such as chemical plants, power generation, and water treatment. The cyber or electronic security of SCADA and DCS systems was largely ignored during their initial development in the early 1960’s and as a result modern systems and the associated critical infrastructures that depend on them have become vulnerable to a number of different cyber security threats for a variety of reasons. The goal of this project is to investigate novel approaches for deterring electronic attacks against SCADA and DCS systems.

Current Research Activities:

1.  Security enhancements for SCADA communications 

2.  Spatial and temporal intrusion detection and prevention in SCADA systems

3.  Hardening Remote Terminal Units

4.  University of Louisville SCADA Test Bed

Supported in part by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security through the Kentucky Critical Infrastructure Protection (KY-CIP) program.

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