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Welcome to the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory. The Intelligent Systems Laboratory conducts research in basic and applied areas of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems. Basic research areas include machine learning and data mining, representation of uncertainty, imprecision, and ambiguity in knowledge, reasoning with fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms, computer system intrusion detection, and investigation of new computational approaches for diagnostics. Applications areas include:

  • Intelligent control systems
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques for computer integrated manufacturing, chemical process plants, and other complex systems
  • Intelligent security for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Sensory-based robot workcell and automation safety
  • All support for scientific computation
  • Intelligent computer system security
  • Data mining of large databases
  • Machine learning for pharmacophore design
  • Expert systems application in engineering and medical areas
  • Intelligent tutoring systems
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