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September 2011

Dr. Karen Frost receives NIDDR Grant

On September 13, 2011, the National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDDR) announced that it will award a grant to Dr. Karen Frost for a research project entitled "In-depth Assessment of Wheelchair Ramp Activities and Incidents on Public Transit Buses." The term of the award is two years beginning Fall 2011, and the funding total is $200,000.  This research will be conducted in collaboration with a public transit partner, Transit Authority of River City (TARC).  The study consists of two interrelated tasks designed to yield an improved understanding of factors influencing wheelchair passenger boarding and alighting incidents on public transit buses.  Prospective monitoring and assessment of wheelchair passenger ramp usage on public transit buses will be conducted utilizing onboard video surveillance cameras combined with synchronized ramp characterization.  Additionally, a nationwide survey of wheelchair users will be conducted to quantify and characterize ramp-related incidents and injuries.  These findings will be used to develop ramp design guidelines and recommendations for operational best practices.  Findings are also expected to advance the long-term goals of increasing wheelchair user safety, accessibility, and usability when traveling on public transit buses.


June 2011

Wheelchair Transportation Safety Research Update

Doctoral student Zdravko Salipur and Assistant Professor Karen Frost were featured in a video describing their research to assess the safety of wheelchair riders on buses.  To watch the video, click on the link below:


April 2011

Angela Thompson Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Angela Thompson has successfully defended her PhD Dissertation entitled, BIOMECHANICS AND INJURY ASSESSMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FALLS IN CHILDREN. Angela will receive her PhD in Mechanical Engineering on May 13, 2011. Congratulations Dr Thompson for a job well done!  


December 2010

AKC Canine Health Foundation Grant Award

Gina Bertocci and Nathan Brown, along with Denis Marcellin-Little (NC State), have been awarded a grant from the American Kennel Club - Canine Health Foundation to develop a computer model of the canine stifle (knee) to investigate factors that influence cranial cruciate ligament rupture.  This study will form the basis of Nathan's dissertation research. 


November 2010

Karen Frost Provides Testimony at ADA Hearing in Washington DC on Wheelchair Transportation Safety

Karen provided testimony at the American's with Disabilities Act Hearing regarding her research findings related to ingress and egress of wheelchair passengers on buses. 


November 2010

Canine Wheelchair Community Outreach Project with SWE and Girl Scouts

The UofL Society of Women Engineers joined by Dr. Bertocci and Dr. Frost met with local Girl Scouts to teach them about engineering.  To watch the video, click on the link below:

October 2010

Zdravko Salipur Award NIDRR Switzer Merit Grant

Zdravko was awarded a NIDRR Switzer Merit Grant to support his doctoral dissertation research. Zdravko will continue his research in the area of wheelchair transportation for his dissertation, studying the influence of wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint configuration on wheelchair passenger safety when traveling on buses. Zdravko's study is entitled, "Consequences of Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint System on Practices on Wheelchair Passenger Safety in Fixed Route Transit." 

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