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Food Processing Lab


In 1998, a new initiative was started by the Speed Scientific School to work with the local food industry in the Metro-Louisville area. Dr. Thomas R. Hanley, former Dean of the Speed Scientific School, felt that with over 70 local food related companies in this area, there was opportunity to help support and grow this industry utilizing capabilities and facilities of the University.

After 35 years experience with six major Fortune 500 food companies and after retiring from Brown-Forman Corporation, Mr. Charles Staff was appointed Director of the Food Processing Program. Mr. Staff, with experience in product and process evelopment, quality assurance and engineering administration, was felt to be the ideal person to initiate and develop working relationships and projects between the food industry and the University.

The Food processing Lab has been remarkably successful in establishing a program with widely diversified activities, including: product development, package quality, process utomation, distribution and process problem resolution. These projects have well-defined objectives, planned activities, cost and timetables, to which both Industry-Client and Director of Food Processing Program have agreed. We pride ourselves on being good project managers in keeping projects on track and on schedule and not exceeding cost.

Charles H. Staff
Director, Food Processing Lab
Lutz Hall, Room 435
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292, USA

Tel:  (502) 852-1575
Fax: (502) 852-1577


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