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Dahlem Supercomputer Laboratory


The Dahlem Supercomputer Laboratory is located in the Henry Vogt Building at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering  of the University of Louisville. In our friendly confines you'll find Adelie, a 64 bit Linux supercomputer and numerous PC workstations for accessing Adelie and other systems on campus. Adelie is a 64 bit Linux cluster parallel system based on the AMD Opteron processor. The system currently consists of 28 nodes with a total of 94 processor cores, 192 GigaBytes of memory, and 2.2 TeraBytes of disk storage. Adelie's 329 Gigaflops of aggregate processor speed is used for a wide range of research in addition to the support it provides for academic studies. Adelie is connected to the University of Louisville campus network and can be accessed both on and off campus. Obtain instructions to access Adelie from off campus locations.

The Dahlem Supercomputer Laboratory is also home to KYBRIN. KYBRIN is a 18 node Linux Beowulf cluster dedicated to supporting Dr. Nigel Cooper's Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network project and the Bioinformatics Laboratory of the Speed CECS Department.

The laboratory also contains the following Speed School servers:

  • The DyKnow servers control the interactive teaching and monitoring tool used in the classroom and also store student class notes.
  • Dr. Lian's server - Mechancial Engineering Department.
  • Dr. Ouyang's server - CECS Department


An Access Grid Node, an Internet-based system for world-wide video conferencing developed by Argonne National Laboratories, is also available.  The Access Grid is used for large-scale distributed meetings, collaborative work sessions, seminars, lectures, tutoials and training.

Edward L. Birchler
Director, Dahlem Supercomputer Lab
Vogt Building, Room 203
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292, USA

E-mail Ed Birchler
Tel:  (502) 852-3010
Fax: (502) 852-8890


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