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Computer Vision & Image Processing Laboratory


The Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab (CVIP) was established in 1994 at the University of Louisville and is committed to excellence in research and teaching. CVIP has two broad focus areas: computer vision and medical imaging. The laboratory hosts unique and modern hardware for imaging, computing and visualization. This hardware includes two supercomputers from SGI (an 40-CPU ONYX2-R12000 and an 24-CPU ONYX-10000), an ImmersaDesk from Fake-Space/Pyramids Systems, over 20 high-end graphics workstations, and various imaging hardware. The laboratory is housed in a modern state-of-the-art research building and is linked, via a high speed network, to the University's Medical Center.

Among the active research projects at the laboratory are the following:
Trinocular active vision which aims at creating accurate 3-D model of indoor environments. This research is leading to the creation of the UofL CardEye active vision system, which is our research platform in advanced manufacturing and robotics. Multimodality image fusion which aims at creating robust target models using multisensory information. Building a functional model of the human brain based on the integration of structural information (from CT and MRI) and functional information (from EEG signals and functional-MRI scans). The functional brain model is our platform for our brain research in learning, aging, and disfunctions. Image-guided minimally invasive endoscopic surgery which aims at creating a system to assist the surgeons locate and visualize, in real-time, the endoscope's tip and field of view during surgery. Large scale visualization for modeling and simulations of physical systems, and applications in virtual reality. Building a computer vision-based system for reconstruction of the human jaw using intra-oral video images. This research will create the UofL Dental Station which will have various capabilities for dental research and practice. Theoretical work in image modeling, segmentation, registration and pattern recognition. The CVIP Lab supports a number of faculty, staff, postdocs and over 15 graduate students. 2004 enforce funding exceeds $1.7M.

Dr. Aly A. Farag
Director, Computer Vision & Image Processing Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lutz Hall, Room 412
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292, USA

Tel:  (502) 852-7510
Fax: (502) 852-1580


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