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Computational Intelligence (CI) Lab


The Computational Intelligence (CI) Lab is devoted to the study and research of computational intelligence and neural networks.  The current research topics of the CI Lab are:

  • Chaotic Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators
  • Data Mining Using Computational Intelligence Techniques
    Expert systems for testing, diagnostics, and medicine.
    Fuzzy rule extraction resulting in linguistic descriptions of data relationships.
  • Theory of Neural Networks
    Optimization of neural network architectures through perturbation methods, pruning techniques, and improved learning/scaling approaches.
    Multivalued attractor-type associative memories.
  • Neural Networks for Control, Identification, and Prediction
    Inverse neural modeling of dynamic plants.
    Time series prediction.
    Prediction of drug dosage levels using neurocomputing.
  • Other Applications of Computational Intelligence Techniques
    Identification of semiconductor manufacturing processes.
    Design centering and yield maximization in manufacturing.


Dr. Jacek M. Zurada
Director, Computational Intelligence Laboratory
Lutz Hall, Room 319
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292, USA

Tel:  (502) 852-6314
Lab: (502) 852-3165
Fax: (502) 852-3940


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